Even though we’ve got a full test of the Acerbis Impact riding gear coming up in our October issue, it has been hot enough at our usual test riding areas for us to check out the never Vented Impact riding gear from Acerbis. We didn’t want to wait to get this info to you, so here’s a quick web-exclusive review!
PANTS. Available only in heat-reflecting white (with orange and blue accents), these pants take care of the double duties of venting and protection quite well. Even when standing still, if there’s a hint of breeze, you can feel in enter your pants, cooling off your legs. Once underway, the cooling effect increases, no matter how warm the temperatures. Fit and flexibility is excellent, and we have gotten plenty of compliments on the styling. These pants are great!
JERSEY. The standard Impact jersey is very nice, but the Vented Impact is even better when it gets warm. Not simply a mesh jersey, which compromises protection quite a bit, the Vented Impact has venting from the collar to the waist in an inverted V-shape. Like the pants, all it needs is the slightest movement of air for the jersey to do its job. The Vented Impact jersey’s styling matches the pants perfectly.
GLOVES. We couldn’t really feel much of the venting on the Vented Impact gloves compared to the standard Impact gloves, but they are still comfortable in hot weather. Definitely cool stuff all around and worth considering if you’ve been baking out on the trail like we have.
– DJ


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