The $275,000 Texas Outlaw UTV Racing Series held its second double-header (rounds 3&4) at Texplex Park in Midlothian, Texas, and there were 120 paid entries with 11 Pro Outlaws (Turbo/Pro R) and 10 Pro NA 1000s. Since there weren’t enough to split into waves for the longer second races, all four mottos were heads-up for the overall. Kyle Chaney made the trek to Texas from Ohio and set a blistering pace in the first Pro Outlaw race of four, passing early leader Kory Willis on the second lap to win Heat 1 by almost 4 seconds over Cody Miller with Willis third. Cody Miller set the fastest lap of the race with a 02:17.490.

Collin Truett has been on fire in Pro NA 1000s; the 2020 NA champ tied for first both rounds and leads in class points after four rounds.

In Pro NA 1000s, Chase Carr jumped into the early lead but Collin Truett took over on Lap 2 and won Saturday’s first heat by 4.766 seconds over Cross Kirchmeier with Carr third. Kirchmeier moved up from seventh to third in a lap and put in a last-lap heater of 02:19.668. Truett took point in the longer 7-lap second race, but Kirchmeier hunted him down and made the pass by the midway point. Cross put almost a second a lap on the winner of the previous two rounds, crossing the finish line 3.512 seconds up on Collin. Carr held third for third overall, while Kirchmeier won the tiebreaker for the overall.

Cross Kirchmeier won both Pro NA 1000 rounds on the weekend with 2-1 scores both days.

In the second Pro Outlaw race, Chaney again set the pace and led the first lap, but he made a mistake and the Miller brothers dropped him to third on Lap 2. Cody took the lead, while Hunter and Kyle battled. Kyle would drop Hunter to third but couldn’t catch Cody before the checkers, trailing by 1.999 seconds. Cody and Kyle tied in points on the day, but Miller took the overall points with Hunter third overall.


Cody Miller won the Pro Outlaws on Saturday and was second on Sunday; he leads the class points after four rounds, and Hunter is second.

On Sunday, Chaney took the lead in the Pro Outlaw qualifier with Cody Taylor second and Cody Miller third,  ahead of Hunter. At the midway point, Cody Miller made a bad move and dropped from third to fifth. Chaney won by 4.516 seconds over Taylor, while Hunter turned the fastest lap of the race, a 02:16.824, to finish third ahead of Willis. In the 7-lap second Outlaw race, Cody Miller fought back to lead every lap and turned a 02:15.760 at the white flag to  finish 2.292 seconds ahead of Chaney, who had moved up from fourth. Chaney took his first Pro Outlaw overall win of the season with Cody Miller second overall and Willis third for an all-X3 Maverick podium, but points leader Hunter blew his transmission while running third and dropped to ninth for eighth overall.

Chase Carr turned Pro at the last rounds of 2021, and he has shown great speed in 2022. He was third Pro NA both days and sits third in points.

In Pro NA 1000s, Collin Truett took the first-heat lead with Nick Burnham (Pol) second, Eddie Ensign (Hon) third, and Cross Kirchmeier fourth. Cross made quick work of Burnham and Ensign and set out after Truett, closing three seconds on the midpoint lap. Cross turned a 02:25.241 at the white flag but couldn’t catch Collin, while Burham held on to third. In the longer second race, Eddie Ensign, who had a battery failure on Saturday morning, led the field early on, but Cross quickly chased him down for the lead. Chase Carr closed on Ensign after dropping Truett to fourth. Carr and Truett battled hard and both got by Ensign, then Collin got by Chase to finish second. Cross and Collin again traded 1-2 finishes with Kirchmeier taking the overall, while Carr and Ensign also tied tied on points. Chase took the final podium spot.

New for 2022, the top finishers in each class must head directly to the weigh station and meet minimum weight or face disqualification. Kory Willis sits third in Pro Outlaw points.

In points after 4 of 10 rounds, Truett and Kirchmeier have been most consistent with Collin leading Cross, 154-152 in Pro NA 1000 points. Cody Miller leads the Pro Outlaws with 151 points, while Hunter sits second with 143 points. Can-Am has the top nine Pro Outlaw spots with Chaney climbing to sixth in one weekend.

Code St. Peter is undefeated in 2022 Youth 250 5-8 Limited Stocks.

In Amateur classes, Code St, Peter is undefeated in Youth 250 5-8 Limited Stock and Youth Outlaw, and Landyn Poppert (Pol)) is undefeated in 900 and Under. Terry Lackey (Pol) is also undefeated in Vet 40+Stock. Poppert  also leads Limited Stock 1000 12+ with three wins. Holly Mulligan (A-C) has won the last three Women’s Stock rounds.

Utah’s Landyn Poppert is undefeated in 900cc and Below.


Round 3: Midlothian, TX

Pro Outlaws

1. Cody Miller/C-A…2-1

2. Kyle Chaney/C-A…1-2

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…4-3

4. Kory Willis/C-A…3-6

5. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…5-5

6. Collin Truett/Pol…6-7

7. Robert Liebel/C-A…8-8

8. Ben Fournier/C-A…7-9

9. Cody Taylor/C-A…DNS-4

10. William Thomas/C-A…DNS-10

Pro NA 1000s

1. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…2-1

2. Collin Truett/Pol…1-2

3. Chase Carr/Pol…3-3

4. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…5-4

5. Shawn Hess/Hon…6-6

6. Koen Crawford/Yam…8-7

7. Brock Lawson/Pol…7-8

8. Eddie Ensign/Hon…DNS-5

9. Nick Burnham/Pol…4-DQ

10. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon…9-DQ

Round 4: Midlothian, TX

Pro Outlaws

1. Kyle Chaney/C-A…1-2

2. Cody Miller/C-A…5-1

3. Kory Willis/C-A…4-3

4. Cody Taylor/C-A…2-8

5. Ben Fournier/C-A…8-4

6. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…7-5

7. William Thomas/C-A…6-6

8. Hunter Miller/C-A…3-9

9. Robert Liebel/C-A…9-7

Pro NA 1000s

1. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…2-1

2. Collin Truett/Pol…1-2

3. Chase Carr/Pol…5-3

4. Eddie Ensign/Hon…4-4

5. Nick Burnham/Pol…3-8

6. Koen Crawford/Yam…8-7

7. Shawn Hess/Hon…6-6

8. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…6-7


After 4 of 10 Rounds:

Pro Outlaws

1. Cody Miller/C-A…151/1

2. Hunter Miller/C-A…143/2

3. Kory Willis/C-A…134

4. Cody Taylor/C-A…130

5. Ben Fournier/C-A…120

6. Kyle Chaney/C-A…77/1

Pro NA 1000s

1. Collin Truett/Pol…154/2

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…152/2

3. Chase Carr/Pol…138

4. Koen Crawford/Yam…128

5. Nick Burnham/Pol…121


1. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS C. Truett/Pol

2. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS C. Truett/Pol

3. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS Cross Kirchmeier/Hon

4. Midlothian, TX…K. Chaney/C-A, PS Cross Kirchmeier/Hon

5. May 14…Midlothian, TX

6. May 15…Midlothian, TX

7. June 11…Midlothian, TX

8. Oct. 8…Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX

9. Oct. 9…Oak Hill RacewayDecatur, TX

10. Nov. 12-13…Midlothian, TX


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