— Just about any UTV looks good when brand new, sitting on the dealer’s showroom floor. However, they really get the blood pumping after the engine and suspension has been tweaked, along with adding the right amount of accessories. Putting together a pleasing visual package to the eye is an art form that Pro Armor seems to be good at, as we look at a few of their custom builds here.

The guys at Pro Armor began dealing with ATVs and motorcycles back in the early 1990s. Their enthusiasm and passion for riding led them to building their own parts for off-road machinery. Today they have a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Southern California.

As the name would imply, Pro Armor first became known for the bullet proof reliability of their skid plates, and that reputation carried over to all of the other things they began building as well.

The list of items Pro Armor builds includes roll cages, roofs, doors, bumpers, suspension seats and seat belt harnesses.

Pro Armor also has its own line of tires and wheels. If you need light bars and audio equipment they have that covered as well.

These custom builds illustrate some of the graphics kits they have available for the RZR. More info >

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