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We agree with the notion that less is more sometimes, but there are other times when we appreciate over-the-top builds, the ones that not only look great but are also designed to perform at a higher level than the stock machine could ever imagine. The potential to build out a Teryx4, making it bigger and better in every way, is apparent. As you can see, the Kawasaki Teryx4 featured on these pages is one of those machines and excited to be that way.

It was the teams at Mega Motorsports LLC and Kawasaki that got together to see how they could customize a Teryx4 to be the ultimate desert vehicle. As we said, the Teryx4, in stock trim, isn’t exactly a vehicle that we would recommend as a desert runner, but there are aftermarket companies that make purpose-built components for this Kawasaki that give it the chance to become a very capable vehicle in the wide open, whoop-filled desert terrain. So, with a bit of an idea about what they wanted the vehicle to be, Mega Motorsports went to work to create this ultimate, desert-ready Teryx4.

When getting as far from civilization as possible, the Teryx can bring you there with confidence. The upgrades featured on this build allow it to venture even further from home.


As you can imagine, the stock Teryx4 that served as the basis for this build was completely stripped down to the frame. The goal was to leave the stock frame and powertrain structure intact, but that was pretty much it.

The custom dash holds a 5” Lowrance GPS, the stock instrument cluster, ignition, battery cut off, communications and a bank of switches all installed by AZ WirePro.

Starting from the inside, the clutching was changed on this machine to accommodate the increase in weight that the new cage, spare tires, interior features and lighting would add to the vehicle. A Trinity Racing exhaust would not only add a bit of power to the stock V-twin engine, but it would also give this Teryx4 a bit of a bump in the burly sound department.

The DragonFire steering wheel is only the beginning of the wild things done to the interior of this Kawasaki. DFR has wheels for all makes of UTV’s. This one has push buttons for turn signals, horn and radio operations.

Next up was suspension. The stock components on the Teryx4 are known to be tough in any situation, whether battling long rock gardens or traversing deep water crossings. With this in mind, the team wanted to go with a tried-and-true aftermarket suspension product that increased the performance of the Teryx4 while also staying true to the durability of the stock components. HCR Racing front and rear boxed a-arms, paired with King Off Road Racing Shocks, would provide this durability and performance with a +6 suspension kit. The King shocks offer superior damping and suspension control, especially when you factor in that these 2.0 coil-over shocks include compression adjustment via the rotary dial clickers on the remote reservoirs. Completing the setup on the outside of the suspension is a combination of 14-inch Method Race wheels with 30-inch Gladiator ATR all-terrain tires. Running at around 14 psi, we found that this entire setup offers a plush ride and plenty of traction in the desert terrain. Sometimes the ride was a bit too plush, actually, but compared to a stock Teryx4, this HCR/King combination is definitely a winning combo. Not only can you climb over obstacles easier with this setup, it also offers better slow-speed and high-speed bump absorption.

A rack of KC Highlight lights complement the stock LEDs well. The old school round light rack look is making a come back in a big way. This car had an actuator arm that electronically lowers the light rack. It’s needed on some trails but is very helpful when loading into an enclosed trailer.


Mega wanted this Teryx4’s interior to be comfortable, functional, and, above all else, safe for all four passengers. To ensure this would happen, the full-factory Kawasaki doors were retained and extended slightly upward with very clean and functional door extensions. Sparco composite seats and six-point harnesses were used to keep everyone snug in the vehicle. Talk about trick, race-ready seat harnesses. These Sparco units have a single quick-release mechanism that makes exiting the harness an easy affair.

Kawasaki’s Teryx has a known reputation of being a super well built, durable, multi passenger UTV. HCR suspension turns it into a much plusher ride.
A dual spare setup is usually reserved for Trophy Truck or Dakar style buggies. Getting way out takes preparation and breaking a wheel or puncturing more than one tire at a time is more common than most think.

Mega’s fab shop used specialty metals to build out a cage that is highly durable, complete with gusseting that you would find in all-out race cars. The cage molds smoothly into the rear frame of the Teryx4 and features the capability to haul two full-size spare tires. This setup not only looks trick, it is highly functional for long desert rides. We also really like the full dash setup with traditional and electronic switch systems put together by AZ Wire Pro, Lowrance GPS, battery disconnect, and of course the stock Teryx4 switch gear. A Sparco quick-release steering wheel completes the driver compartment and allows for easy ingress and egress of the vehicle. Not only is this cage equipped with an aluminum roof spanning the entire top, it also features a glass windshield to protect the occupants and keep the dust out.

Wider HCR suspension arms and King shocks are a huge asset to this build. The stock parts work great but this set up is incredibly plush.
High end Sparco seats and belts with strong aluminum hardware are fitted into this rig elevating comfort levels even more.

Is this Teryx4 the most over-the-top Kawasaki side-by-side you have ever seen? When you factor in all of the KC HiLiTES (the top bar is on a motorized adjuster, too) and all of the trick gadgets included with this machine, it’s one heck of a cool ride with more than enough features to make it one of the slickest UTVs in the desert!

A set of 30-inch Gladiator ATR tires give the machine 8-ply puncture resistance and a desert gripping rounded profile that works great in soft sand or hard-packed dirt.


Sparco USA Evo II seats $825 (each)

www.sparcousa.com; (949) 797-1750

Sparco 6-point Hans 3”/2” aluminum harnesses $479 (each)

www.sparcousa.com; (949) 797-1750

HCR Racing T-4 Teryx long-travel system $4999

(includes King Shocks package)

www.hcrracing.com; (888) 928-7223

KC HiLiTES  Flex & G6 lighting Varies

www.kchilites.com; (888) 689-5955

Kawasaki Accessories, Warn Vantage 3000S winch $349.95


Kawasaki Accessories, full skid plate system Varies


Method Race Wheels, 401 beadlock From $201.85 (each)

www.methodracewheels.com; (866) 779-8604

Trinity Racing Teryx4 black exhaust, $949.99 (full system)

www.trinityracing.com; (714) 988-0339

Lowrance HDS-5 GPS system N/A

www.lowrance.com; (800) 628-4487



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