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When you enjoy a huge event like UTV Takeover in the Oregon Dunes, you not only take in the activities on and off the sand, you gawk in awe at the amazing cars you see cruising the site. It’s no different for us. We had to stop and take a closer look at a local build from the Superior Motorsports shop out of Eugene, Oregon. The staff and owners are all enthusiasts who were unable to find a good local option for the quality builds they themselves were interested in having done. Additionally, they got tired of going into shops and still having to wait for them to buy parts online. According to operations manager Will Gauderman, he and owner Troy Fennell wanted to offer professional, clean installations and have aftermarket products on hand that customers could see, touch and feel prior to purchasing instead of relying on pictures on the internet. Superior Motorsports is truly a one-stop shop for all your UTV needs—from small items like mirrors to full custom builds that include fab work, custom paint, powdercoating, etc.—they handle it all!

Brown may not be anyone’s first color choice when transforming a custom RZR, but not only does it look good standing still, the color changes dramatically as the sun and shade hit it.
Color-matched PRP seats and the painted dash give you the feeling of being in a show car.


The build we photographed and took for a spin started life as a 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S. The transformation was about as close to a frame-off build as you can get. A massive amount of effort was put into covering the stock bodywork with a high-end look. To get there, the main body color was custom-painted Kodiak Brown, and the fenders and front fascia had added bronze. A custom paint job like the one on this RZR starts around $2000 and can go as high as $3000, depending on the level of detail. This artwork, with two-tone and speaker pod/grill paint, costs about $2600 total. Those pods were mated to an SSV Works Phase 5 stereo system. The suspension arms were powder coated black to match the OEM frame color. Way out back, a set of ZRP radius rods and a pull plate were used, along with Sandcraft limit straps. The shock springs were powder coated to match as well. More Kodiak Brown paint was used on the calipers, wheel hubs, doors, dash and roof. Even the Assault grab handle had some Kodiak Brown.

We thought the billet Assault passenger grab handle was trick in stock form. Add some nice paint, and even the passenger feels like he is in the lap of luxury.
For this build, the Fox shock springs were powdercoated to match the body, and the A-arms were color-matched to the frame.


The SDR doors surround custom PRP seats with Italia Stitch and seat heaters, and the 4.2 belts match the car’s brown theme. Sector Seven side mirrors and a Baja Designs dome light provide a unique glow that can be seen in the cab or from miles away. An Axia rear view mirror and Joker Machine headset hangar all sit under a Superior Motorsports cage and roof.

Superior Motorsports’ four-piece front grills run $215 each. Side vent covers run $89.99. The front bumper is $275, and the cage is $1750 powdered with roof. The engine cover is $125.
Superior Motorsports is housed in a 1500-square-foot packed showroom with a 3000-square-foot shop with four dedicated service bays and three long-term project bays. In addition to high-end builds, the shop performs standard maintenance work and handles insurance claims as well.
Not only is Superior Motorsports a growing storefront in Eugene, Oregon, they set up shop at UTV Takeover, selling everything from complete cages and seat sets to tires and tank tops. Their Superior reputation made them the busiest booth by far at the event.

Contura lighted rockers with an XTC Power System have what electronics the Polaris Ride Command does not. A Rugged RM-60 lets the car communicate with the outside world, and a Rugged 660 intercom with flush-mount jacks lets the passengers talk to each other through headsets or helmets.

A custom-painted RZR starts around $2000 and can get up to about $3000, depending on the details. This Kodiak Brown car with two-tone and speaker pods cost about $2600 total.
About the only place you want to ride without a clutch cover is in the dunes. With this build, that fact was taken into consideration, so part of the clutch just had to be painted.


The RZR Turbo S is a blast to ride in stock trim, but with a Boondocker Turbo and a set of paddles at an epic dune area like Coos Bay, you step up to the next level. Power was in abundance, whether we were carving a dune wall or racing straight up it. In fact, unless we were out on the flats and going straight, the throttle pedal never hit the floor. As good as the car looked on the outside, the interior was a masterpiece. The car was finished like a show car but ran and handled like a racer. In the beautiful Oregon dunes, a car with this many quality components and this kind of attention to detail stands out, yet feels like it belongs all at the same time. If you are looking for a builder who can not only bolt on the right parts but make any UTV stand out, the Pacific Northwest’s newest shop, Superior Motorsports, can do that for you. Give them a call at (541) 344-2800 and tell them UTV Action magazine sent you.


Car, Brand, Year, Model: Polaris RZR 2019 Turbo S

Engine work: Boondocker Dominator Kit

Transmission work: OEM, Sandcraft motor mount and billet tube

Exhaust: Trinity Stage 5 Cerakote full system

Tuning: Boondocker Dominator Tune

Driveline: OEM

Clutches: OEM clutches with Boondocker clutch kit, Super Sliders and snap-ring elimination kit

Axles: OEM

Suspension arms: OEM powdered Gloss Black, ZRP rear radius arms with ZRP pull plate. Sandcraft limit straps

Shocks: OEM powdercoated springs and spring cups

Sway bars: OEM

Hubs/spindles: OEM, powdercoated

Bodywork:  Full body paint, outside fenders, rear fascia, front fascia, rockers, inner dash, upper dash etc. Main color is called Kodiak Brown

Doors: SDR doors, painted Kodiak Brown

Frame/cage: Superior Motorsports 2-seat cage, Axia rear view mirror, Joker Machine headset hangar

Lights: Lux Lighting Underglow, 5150 Whips, 41” LED light bar, rear upper brake light, Sector Seven side mirrors, Baja Designs dome light

Tires: 32” Sandcraft 10 Blade Rippers

Wheels: Alba Racing Rock Crushers, custom powder coated

Roof: Superior Motorsports roof

Paint/Wrap: Kodiak Brown and fenders and front fascia an added bronze. Tinted rear taillights, powder-coated calipers, wheel hubs, etc…

Extras: Superior Motorsports engine cover, rear side vent covers and front four-piece grill.

Bumpers: Superior Motorsports front stealth bumper

Misc: Scosche fire-extinguisher mount


Steering Wheel: OEM with PTT plate

Seats: Custom PRP seats with Italia Stitch and seat heaters

Belts: PRP 4.2 harnesses

Dash: OEM custom painted

Switches: Contura lighted rockers with XTC Power System

Gauges: OEM

Pedal Assembly: OEM

Audio: SSV Phase 5 atereo system with painted rear pods to match, and grills

Radio: Rugged RM-60

Intercom: Rugged 660 intercom with flush-mount jacks

Helmet Pumper:

Navigation: Polaris Ride Command

Extras: Assault grab handle

Contact: (541) 344-2800;



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