The Great American Short-course series returned from its summer break to the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, California, for its 5th and 6th rounds, and there were 60 UTV and 36 trophy kart entries. For Round 5, Jason Weller was top qualifier in SR1 Wolverines with a 51.852-second lap, which was faster than Production Turbo TQ Trey Gibbs’ 52.242. Cody  Hodgson (Yam) was Production 1000 TQ with a 53.210, and Cole Gamma was Youth 1000 TQ with a 54.840. RZR 170s ran a shorter course, and Dexter Warren (Pol) was fastest with a 57.007-second lap.

Jason Weller got a big jump on the SR1 field in Rd5 but would get a flat on the last lap. 

In the SR1 main, Jason Weller shot into the lead and dominated, turning a 52.141-second 9th lap, but, right after getting the white flag, he flew sideways off of a kicker and blew the right-rear bead right off of his bead-lock wheel. Matt Land had ran second the whole race and capitalized for the win over Corry Weller and Paul O’Brien. Jason limped the last lap to salvage 5th behind Dallas Nord.

Matt Land led the lap that counted most in Saturday’s SR1 main.

In Production Turbo’s main, Chase Hill (Pol) shot into the lead off of the start, but Trey Gibbs (Pol) took over on the second lap and dominated much of the 12-lap race, turning a 51.288 as he got the white flag. Points leader Chance Haugen (Pol) chased down Gibbs, turning a race-fastest 51.066 on Lap 9, and he passed Gibbs on the last lap for the lead. However, Chance bicycled in the infield hairpin, and Trey shot inside for the lead and the win.

Trey Gibbs (715) and Chance haugen battled hard for Saturday’s Production Turbo win.

The Production 1000 main was chaotic, with Billy Nichols (Yam) taking the lead ahead of Dallas Nord (Yam), Chad Williams (Yam), and TQ Hodgson. Nord took over a lead he would keep for the entire 13-lap main, turning a 52.348 race-fastest lap. Nichols was second but dropped to fourth by the mid-race mandatory caution and then to ninth. Hodgson and Williams traded third and fourth several times in early laps until Nichols gave up second. Hodgson held onto second with Williams filling out the podium.

Action was intense in the all-RS1 Youth 1000s.

In Youth 1000s, Ryder Chapman led early laps ahead of TQ Cole Gamma, who dogged Chapman until the mandatory caution. On the restart, the two tangled and brought out another yellow. On the second restart, Chapman again held the lead over Gamma, but Gamma took point on the next lap. Points leader Drake Mittag took over second, but Jessie Owens got past Mittag for second and kept it.

Cole Gamma won Saturday’s Youth 1000 main and repeated on Sunday.

The 170 main, George Llamosas took the lead, but Ian Torfi took it away to lead the third lap. Llamosas took advantage of the bunched-up field on the mid-race restart and took over the lead for the win. Torfi got spun back to 14th, and Declan Shield moved up from sixth to take over second late in the race. TQ Warren ran third but also dropped way back, handing the last podium spot to Jake Hill

The RZR 170 class was the biggest with 18 entries.


Jason Weller dominated the SR1s on Sunday, taking Top Qualifier and leading every lap for the win ahead of Paul O’Brien and Dallas Nord. In Production Turbos, Trey Gibbs was TQ again ahead of Chase Hill and Chance Haugen. Haugen dominated the main, though, turning a 51.051 and leading every lap. Gibbs ran second but got into a battle with “Bronco” Dan Kelly (C-A), who would quickly settle the battle. Both would later drop out of the race, and Hill and James Maki would take over second and third on the mid-race restart for an all-Polaris podium.

Billy Nichols (987) got the lead again in Sunday’s Production 1000 main, this time finishing second to Dallas Nord (974).

In Production 1000’s second main, Billy Nichols would again take the early lead, but Dallas Nord was no to be denied. He took over the race on the second lap and pulled away by 1.0-1.5 seconds a lap until the mid-race caution. Cody Hodgson was on the move from sixth to second, but Nichols got him back on the last lap, and Jim Price also got by for third.

Nord has won five of six Pro Stock rounds and two TQs.

Jessie Owens took Youth 1000 TQ, but was shuffled back to last on the start. Gamma again took the lead over Mittag and Chapman, but the three battled hard. Mittag took the lead from Gamma before the mid-race yellow and led the restart, but Chapman would take point two laps later, only to get taken out. Mittag had the lead over Gamma at the late-race caution, but Gamma was not to be denied. He led at the checkers over Mittag, and Owens made it through the carnage for third.

Drake Mittag started the season with four TQs, three wins and a second then went 3-2 over the weekend.

Jake Hill was RZR 170 TQ, but Declan Shields and Ian Torfi were up front on Lap 1 with Dexter Warren third and George Llamosas fourth. Shields and Llamosas were 1-2 at the mid-race caution,when Warren got shuffled way back. Llamosas got by shields with two laps to go and took the win, while Brixton Wirt came from mipack to take third behind Shields.

George Llamosas (188 with flags) is undefeated in a RZR 170 main, plus he has three TQs, two seconds and a fourth qualifier.

With two rounds to go November 13-14 at Glen Helen Raceway, Jason Weller leads wife Corry, 318-283, in SR1. Chance Haugen leads Dan Kelly, 321-276, in Production Turbo, while Dallas Nord leads Billy Nichols, 319-273, in Production 1000s. Drake Mittag leads Chaden Zane Minder, 320-293, in Youth 1000 UTVs, and George Llamosas leads Dexter Warren, 325-256, in RZR 170s. With a maximum of 55 points per round for a TQ and a win, all championships are still up for grabs.


Round 5: Victorville, CA


1. Matt Land…Yam

2. Corry Weller…Yam

3. Paul O’Brien…Yam

4. Dallas Nord…Yam

5. Jason Weller…Yam

Production Turbos

1. Trey Gibbs…Pol

2. Chance Haugen…Pol

3. James Maki…Pol

4. Chase Hill…Pol

5. Anthony Ochoa…Pol

Production 1000s

1. Dallas Nord…Yam

2. Cody Hodgson…Yam

3. Chad Williams…Yam

4. Jim Price…Yam

5. Matt Lippman…Pol

Youth 1000

1.Cole Gamma…Pol

2. Jessie Owens…Pol

3. Drake Mittag…Pol

4. Dominick Benites…Pol

5. Ryder Chapman…Pol

170 UTVs

1. George  Llamosas…Pol

2. Declan Shields…Pol

3. Jake Hill…Pol

4. Brixton Wirt…Pol

5. Aadan Aguilar…Pol

Saturday all-Polaris Production Turbo podium – Trey Gibbs, Chance Haugen and James Maki.



Round 6: Victorville, CA


1. Jason Weller…Yam

2. Paul O’Brien…Yam

3. Dallas Nord…Yam

4. Matt Land…Yam

5. Nick Peery…Yam

Production Turbos

1. Chance Haugen…Pol

2. Chase Hill…Pol

3. James Maki…Pol

4. Kevin Walsh…Pol

5. Trey Gibbs…Pol

Production 1000s

1. Dallas Nord…Yam

2. Billy Nichols…Yam

3. Jim Price…Yam

4. Cody Hodgson…Yam

5. Joe Collingsworth…Yam

Youth 1000

1.Cole Gamma…Pol

3. Jessie Owens…Pol

2. Drake Mittag…Pol

4. Dominick Benites…Pol

5. Chaden Zane Minder…Pol

170 UTVs

1. George  Lamosas…Pol

2. Declan Shields…Pol

3. Brixton Wirt…Pol

4. Aadan Aguilar…Pol

5. Jake Hill…Pol


1. Victorville, CA…PT C. Haugen/Pol, PS D. Nord/Yam

2. Victorville, CA…PT C. Haugen/Pol, PS B Chiaramonte/Pol

3. Devore, CA…PT C. Haugen/Pol, PS D. Nord/Yam

4. Devore, CA…PT C. Haugen/Pol, PS D. Nord/Yam

5. Victorville, CA…PT T. Gibbs/Pol, PS D. Nord/Yam

6. Victorville, CA…PT C. Haugen/Pol, PS D. Nord/Yam

7. Nov. 13…Devore, CA

8. Nov. 14…Devore, CA


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