Since the release of the first RZR XP 900 (or even earlier) when guys were putting long-travel suspension on Rhinos, we have been looking for better ways to get height out of our floor jacks. Getting a car further off the ground is necessary for all kinds of routine maintenance, from changing tires and axles to repairing suspension and skid plates. Daystar Jack Pads were made for this purpose.

Jack pads are cone-shaped and come in two widths 4.5 and 5.5 inches. At the bottom they slide over the thin lifting plate that comes on any brand jack.


A cone-shaped block of hard Polyurethane material designed to go between the top of your floor jack lifting plate and the under side of your UTV or pickup. It’s basically a big chunk of the same material Daystar makes bushings, airbag buckets and bump stops out of. They come in 4.5-inch and 5.5-inch diameters and are 3.25 inches tall. So, no matter what floor jack you are using and no matter where you lift from, the pad will give you over 3 more inches of lifting height.


We can’t tell you the number times we’ve attempted to jack up a car and needed a few more inches. Looking at four out of five cars in our stable, the Jack pad is just what we need to lift under the center of the skid plate and get the cars off the ground. Our aluminum jacks alone were still too short to lift long-travel cars up that way. To solve this, we typically stick the jack right under a suspension arm and not under the skid plate. The Jack Pad worked fine for flatter arms, such as rear trailing arms. It doesn’t squish or wobble off, and the material does not scratch your paint like an aluminum or steel plate would.

On angled pieces of steel, such as an A-arm, unless you can wedge the pad against three or more bars, like in a lower A-arm, the pad slips off as you raise the jack. So, for most cars, if we jack up the front using the Daystar Jack pad, we lift at the center of the skid plate about a foot back from the front, and in the rear, we still lift under the trailing arm. If your UTV doesn’t have long travel and uses A-arms in the back, you can get away with lifting at the center under the skid plate.


The Daystar Jack pads work for some jobs better than a block of wood. We like the height they provide, and the fact that they don’t scratch your paint is a plus. The material looks like it will last forever, and it can even be used as a good tire chalk. The only thing we dislike is that the pads don’t attach to the floor jack. This would make them work better for uneven lifting points and facilitate storage. There is no doubt you will get your $20–$25 out of the Daystar Jack pad. We surely did. Plus, it’s much safer than using an old brick or block of wood.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $19.99–$24.99

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