Dear Sarge,

I am having a hard time deciding on doors for my RZR 900. Among our riding group there is quite a discussion about traditional swing doors or the so called “Suicide” doors. Everyone has deep set opinions on which doors are best. I like the look of the Pro Armor doors. So I am turning to you Sarge for a definitive answer on the best half doors for my 900.

Clive Johnson

Shelbyville, Kentucky

Ah, Shelbyville, I remember it well. Sure did love that all you can eat Pizza Lunch Buffet at Hometown Pizza! Anyways……. My recommendation is a door that seals better than the Pro Armor doors. In your neck of the woods Boot, they tend to let in more mud and splash than they should. However if you are dead set on Pro Armor doors, requisition some automotive sealing foam and apply it to the door sealing edges. With the addition of the automotive foam, the Pro Armor doors can be made more splash resistant. As to the direction of the door swing, I find it easier, especially in a trailer, to get out of a Zooter with rear swing, “Suicide” doors. Just make sure that whoever installs the doors, does so correctly. Because it is imperative the latches operate as designed and NEVER allow the doors to pop open. Or the result will be, unlike a traditional door which swings forward, the rear swing door will swing backward and over extend and bend and they will never close correctly again. If Pro Armor is your chosen door company and rear swing “Suicide” is your style choice, then these doors are what you are looking for here:


Doors aren’t the only way to seal roost and splashes outside the cab. Door inserts, used with stock quarter doors are a very good and more affordable option. See UTV Action’s big Door Insert Buyer’s Guide Here: BUYER’S GUIDE: UTV DOOR INSERTS – UTV Action Magazine

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