Earth Day organizers turned the April 22, 2017, event into some 600 “March for Science” marches across the planet, protesting President Trump’s reversal of over-bearing EPA regulations and the left’s War on Fossil Fuels. The optics were supposed to “prove” that the science on man-made global warming, aka climate change, is settled and that all skeptics are “climate deniers.”

Folks, this is the Mother Of All Fake News. We’re told the Earth has a temperature (by Al Gore), and that CO2 emissions are heating the planet, causing glaciers and polar ice caps to melt, and rising sea levels will soon flood New York City (“AI,” “The Day After Tomorrow”). It hasn’t happened. In his 2004 techno-thriller, Michael “Jurassic Park” Chrichton’s “State of Fear,” Chrichton blows apart the Man Made Global Warming (MMGW) fiction with actual climate temperature studies (six) and cites more that 100 climate scientists and authors. This thriller also shows how far the greens will go to further their agenda(s), so I highly recommend reading it, because Hollywood will never make “State of Fear” into a movie.

If you have any fear or guilt that burning a little gasoline in your UTV is going to destroy the planet, rest assured it won’t. What’s far more likely is that ecofreaks will hijack science at the alter of MMGW, because climate change is more religion than science. I hope all these “Marches for Science” do draw our youths into Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) fields, so that they learn what real science is.

Real Science is turning rubber-tree sap into UTV tires; real science is drilling for and extracting crude oil and then formulating all sorts of lubricants, cleaners, diesel and gasoline. Science is mining and combining iron and coal to create steel, and mining all sorts of elements to create aluminum alloys, zinc brake pads, titanium valves, copper bushings, and lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. Science is turning electric turbines with water, coal, natural gas, nuclear or wind, thus powering the machines that bend and weld UTV frames, machine brake rotors and axles, form bodywork out of plastic pellets and stitch our UTV seats. STEM grinds camshafts, formulates EFI maps, programs ECUs, and fires spark plugs to make our UTV engines run. UTVs are monuments of and to science.

Although I’ve never done any of that myself (except machining brake rotors), I understand the mechanical marvels science has created every time I press a gas or brake pedal. My education and training are pure STEM; in the college entrance exams, I scored 98 percentile in science and 93 percentile in math. I studied and practiced silviculture and have a bachelor’s of science in forestry, plus I was schooled in geophysics and more as an oil-field service hand.

Without mining and drilling, there would be no UTVs, which are a great way to explore the natural world and learn its history. Nature is the in the process of reclaiming this old silver mine.

So, I’ve worked in forestry, growing the trees we hope to avoid hitting in our Side-by-Sciences. In Forestry Camp, I cruised timber and did bio-surveys, all scientific. Statistical formulas determine how many sample plots per acre are needed for an accurate study, and I’ve taken hundreds of measurements and core samples for tree-ring studies. Old-growth trees aren’t just trail-side obstacles and shade providers, they’re living historical markers, as they grow one ring each year. Core samples tell us, long before Al Gore’s highly-inaccurate computer models, which years had the optimum conditions for fast growth (water, sun, CO2, climate).

That’s science. Science is also spotting trends, then identifying and performing experiments to prove or disprove your ideas. In the end, you form conclusions based on the experiments, present your work for peer review, and, if it’s never disproven, it becomes Law. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is still a Theory instead of a Law because nobody has been smart enough to prove or disprove it. MMGW isn’t even a Scientific Theory yet.

Our forests benefit from us burning hydrocarbons and feeding the trees CO2, so, as Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane/Starship sang “Put a little starch in the old Corvette.”

As a scientist, I know that this MMGW narrative is not science. Taking a five- or six-figure grant from the Sierra Club or some hedge-fund billionaire to “prove” the planet is warming is not science. The Sierra Club was paid $100 Million by David Gelbaum in the early 2000s to shut up about out-of-control immigration threatening America’s environment. Some of that hush-up cash goes to grants to prove MMGW is real via increases of CO2, despite the fact that temperature readings across the USA and planet show a drop in temperatures from 1930 to 2000 (as laid out in “State of Fear”).

Science is not using 12 trees (out of 244 sampled) from a Siberian tree-ring study (dendrochronology), because only those trees supported the MMGW narrative. Cherry-picking samples isn’t science. In fact, if warming is real and it’s happening because of increases of CO2, that means farmers will get better yields from longer growing seasons and feed more people. CO2 has increased from 316 parts-per million to 376 ppm, and on page 387 of “State of Fear” Chrichton visualizes it this way: Imagine the Earth’s atmosphere as a football field. Starting at the Goal Line, Nitrogen takes us 78 yards to the 22-yard line. Oxygen takes us to the 1-yard line, and nobel gases like Argon take us to the 3.5-inch line, pretty much the thickness of the chalk stripe. Of that 3.5 inches, CO2 is 1.0 inch, and the part that’s human-caused is 3/8-inch, less than the thickness of a #2 pencil. From the sidelines, you couldn’t even see the pencil!

Even Arizona has spots to cool off in summer heat. This is on Wickenburg’s Happy Trails Polaris Adventure Tour.

Not only that, climate-change pseudo-scientists ignore water vapor’s role in climate while vastly over-reporting CO2’s role. Politicizing science isn’t new; just ask Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer who was arrested for concluding that the Sun was the center of our universe, not the Earth, in 1615. Galileo also invented the military compass, and his works led science to bring us GPS and now Polaris’ Ride Command. Thanks, STEM!

To us OHV enthusiasts, every day is Earth Day, so strap into your Side-by-Science and recycle some refined hydrocarbons, so that our plants and trees can breathe better and grow taller. Also, take pictures of your rides and send them to UTV Action.


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