Honda’s Talon 1000R and 1000X are gaining traction with UTV racers across the country, and Talons are climbing the Pro results in UTV racing in many series. We reported on Hess Motorsports’ Talon build and upgrades last month, and we got a chance to check out the DragonFire Racing Talon 1000R build and new products this month. DFR is all over the new sport Hondas and has the most complete line of safety, racing and upgrade accessories yet. Here’s what they’ve completed or are testing so far. Parts that have been finalized have prices, while works in progress have prices to be determined.


Since every racing organization requires a full-race cage, the DragonFire Racing Talon 1000R started with  RacePace cage. While DFR has upgraded stock cages with Flying-V braces in the past, this is their first effort at a race-replacement cage. DFR’s Talon cage is low-profile and stronger than stock, with the rear extending to protect the bed and integrate with the spare-tire carrier. Cross braces connect the rear section with the B-pillars, and another cross tube anchors the DFR harnesses. Front and rear V-braces add strength and safety, and top-side tubes even have quick-release mounts for nets. An aluminum roof integrates with the DFR cage, and the top rear tube mounts the gas assists for the spare-tire holder. Call for pricing.

Desert racers will also like the DFR roof wing and safety-light mount; it’s sold separately from the cage and roof. DFR’s door insert kit fills in the gap left by the OEM quarter doors, keeping roost out of the cab and fulfilling racing rules for safety. Two lowers fit the 1000R and 1000X and are powder-coated black with all the hardware included for $149.99. DFR also protects the Talon with its nerf bars, which have four mounting points each and an outer tube to protect the wider rear tires and act as a step. They’re powdercoated and include mounting hardware but haven’t been finalized.

The RacePace Talon front bumper has mounts for the Quadboss 5,000-pound winch ($388.99) fairlead and DFR’s 2×3-inch Extreme UTV LED light pods ($69.99 each) and dual-wire harness kit ($41.99). DFR also has LED pods with side illumination for $79.99 each.

DFR also has a RacePace rear bumper that adds protection to the rear transfer case and exhaust. It mounts in four places and adds strength to the lower radius-rod mounts. It also works with DFR’s 2-inch receiver hitch upgrade, which also acts as a four-point radius-rod plate, for $109.99. While we’re out back, DFR has a sweet Talon cargo tailgate. This honeycombed plate closes the open-ended bed on the Talon to protect bed cargo and provide multiple tie-down points. It requires no mounting hardware and is powder-coated black for $99.99.

DFR’s quick-release fire extinguisher mount for the Talon is $99.99. The mount has three anodized pieces: the tube clamp, fire-extinguisher cage, and red pull pin. It fits a 2.5-pound ABC extinguisher, which is $89.99.

DFR has everything for the rear, with the cage integrating the spare-tire mount with lifts, the Talon tailgate, RacePace rear bumper, 2-inch receiver plate, high-clearance radius rods, racing rear light-bar mount and protective mud flaps. The LED license-plate bracket will also see production when finalized.


DFR’s RT Talon seats provide upgraded comfort and security with added side protection and thicker seat padding. Not only that, the shape of the seats make it easier to climb into and out of the Talon. RT seats also have provisions for five-point harnesses. They’re more reclined than stock for a better seating position for $839.99 a pair. The DFR Talon build sports DFR’s 3-inch 4-point harnesses with automotive-style belt latches and EZ-adjust hardware. Shoulder straps are sewn into lap belts for easy in/out, and they also have memory-foam shoulder pads for more comfort. They’re $119.99 each, while 2-inch DFR belts are $109.99. DFR’s quick-release harness anchor kits are $59.99 each, and the EVO sculpted harness is $119.99.

DFR’s Talon cage is much lower in the back for a sleek look, and extra tubes and intrusion bars make it much stronger than stock. Defender SS mirrors fold out of harm’s way with indexing for easy re-aiming. They have billet-aluminum construction with 4-inch convex mirrors. They’re $149.99, and the clamps are $109.99.

While the OEM molded steering wheel is nice, DFR set out to improve comfort and control with carbon fiber steering wheels. They have aluminum frames with spokes wrapped in carbon and rings wrapped in suede for more comfort and traction. They come in round with 1-inch offset for taller drivers or 2.5-inch dish for shorter folk, or go for more lap room with the D-shaped DFR wheel. Each DFR wheel is $159.99 and has a six-bolt mounting. The DFR fixed hub is $69.99, while the quick-release hub kit is $136.99.

While the fit and finish are typical Honda excellence, engineers designed the shifter so that the knob can’t be replaced without changing out the shift-shaft. DFR made its own shift selector for $24.99, and it lets the owner select any DFR knob. DFR adds style and durability with its Talon shift plate, which mounts over the plastic OEM shift gates, and eliminates wear and tear over time. They have either stainless steel or black powdercoat finishes for $34.99. DFR also adds more style and function to the center console with the Talon lower switch pod, which adds three rectangular and three circular cut-outs for accessory switches. They come with three round and two toggle plugs in black for $39.99. DFR also has 47 laser-etched switches for all accessories. They’re $16.99 to $20.99 each.

DFR RT Talon seats have more incline, seat padding, side bolsters and comfort, plus they are shorter in front to allow easier cabin entrance and exit. They and the DFR 4-point, 3-inch harnesses provide more security and comfort.


Racers and adventurers will want DFR’s high-clearance lower radius rods, which are arched for clearance but have strengthening tubes to prevent stretching. They have adjusters on each end for toe and camber adjustments and have matching red powdercoating with DFR logos for $359.99 a pair. Protect your rear wheels, brakes, axles and suspension arms with the DFR rear mud flaps for $129.99 a pair. The DFR build has a RacePace front bumper with an integral fairlead for the winch for $199.99.

Arizona’s DragonFire Racing has several new products to upgrade the Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X for any adventure or racing series. With everything being sharp and prickly in Arizona, durability and comfort are high on DFR’s list.


The DFR Talon 1000R build had System 3 SB-5 beadlock wheels ($178 each) shod with Quadboss 32x10R15 QBT846 tires ($213.99 each). SB-5s have grooved 10mm beadlock rings, grade-eight 5/16-inch bolts, 1,200-pound load rating and lifetime structural warranty. QBT846s are designed for intermediate to hard surfaces, and they have DOT approval, built-in rim guards, 8-ply radial construction and 3/4-inch tread depth.

The DFR Talon is built from the ground up for more cabin comfort, control, protection, ground clearance, durability, functionality, and performance for both racers and recreational riders.

Weller Racing got the nod for the exhaust. Weller sells HMF’s Dual Performance Series 4-inch aluminum full system and claims a 9-horsepower increase and weight reduction by 10 pounds. Weller sells the black mufflers with brushed turn-down tips for $892.95. This system is 6-dB louder than stock at idle. With the Power Vision by Dynojet tuner, the system is $1,272.90.

Rugged Radios’ Talon RRP696 2-person intercom with 60-watt radio and Alpha Audio helmet kit is $1,626 and comes complete with a radio-mount plate. The RRP696 is a Bluetooth intercom that pairs with your device to deliver music on the ride via a high-output amplifier. Music dims while people speak, and all in-car comms are hand-free. The RM60 radio uses push-to-talk buttons for communications with others in the ride group. This kit also includes all the cables, a Uni-Mag antenna mount and 1/4-wave antenna. DFR has push-button plates for mounting the PTT buttons on the steering wheel for $59.99.

DFR’s carbon fiber and suede steering wheels add control and comfort. This is the flat model for taller drivers. The DFR shifter, knob, shift plate, and 12-volt outlet plate add shifting control and bling.


DFR’s Talon 1000R is very clean and impressive. Once tucked inside the DFR Talon cabin, comfort is excellent and security is greatly increased. The seats and harnesses are awesome, and the Talon is ready for any adventure with full communications, including Bluetooth entertainment. While the DFR upgrades greatly increase durability, function and style, nothing had been done to upgrade the suspension when we rode it. Next month we’ll report on the latest suspension upgrades on the Shock Therapy Talon 1000R build.





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