After an intense battle over four grueling laps that came down to corrected time, Dustin Jones took home the overall victory in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Race in the 2021 BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400. The Pro UTV Turbo driver conquered the Nevada desert with a total time of 8:28:17.949. Vito Ranuio, who led much of the way, finished less than three minutes behind in second, while defending Mint 400 winner Branden Sims completed the podium. Video and photo evidence later surfaced showing Ranuio nerfed Vintage Open-class winner Buck Vinson and was disqualified, moving Sims to second and Christian Sourapas to third.

The Mint 400 was revived in 2008, and its first year was 1968. Jones won by almost 11 minutes over defending champ Branden Sims.
A talented field of past Mint 400 winners, including recent event champions Jones, Sims, and Mitch Guthrie Jr., headlined the marquee UTV entries, but the Limited Race was much more than a side-by-side showcase for professional drivers. Hundreds of racers lined up across dozens of sportsman car, truck, and UTV classes for up to four laps of this year’s 97-mile course. Ranging from modern machinery to Baja Bugs and other vintage vehicles, to selected military vehicles as part of the Mint 400 Military Challenge, the Limited Race always features one of the most diverse lineups of any off-road race in the world.

“Let’s Go” Branden was in contention throughout the race, while Jason Murray only completed two laps.

As nightfall hit the desert, many of the biggest names were in contention for the podium, with Sims, Guthrie, 2021 UTV World Champion Phil Blurton, and Mike Cafro among the big names running. As the action drew towards the finish, Ranuio and Jones established themselves as the two drivers to beat, with Ranuio out front and Jones taking the lead on corrected time for the win.

Kaden Wells topped the Pro NA 1000s at the Mint 400, winning the class by almost 12 minutes.

SCORE Pro Stock UTV champion Mike Cafro was fourth ahead of truck star Rodrigo Ampudia, and SCORE Baja 1000 winner Phil Blurton was sixth. SCORE Pro NA 1000 champion Kaden Wells was seventh overall and first Pro NA 1000 with Carson Wernimont second in a Teryx and Corbin Wells finishing the Pro NA 1000 podium.

Carson Wernimont was second Pro NA 1000 in his Kawasaki KRX1000 with Corbin Wells a close third.

“Since when we first got into desert racing, everybody knew the Mint,” said Jones, who previously won the Great American Off-Road Race on his first try in 2015, in just his third-ever desert race. “It was the biggest race of the year, so it was a dream for us to win it the first time. But to come back out here—and it was a struggle, and a hard race—it almost makes you tear up to come out and win the Mint 400 again.”

The Mint 400 has held the title of the toughest, most spectacular off-road race in North America since 1968, when it was first run. Initially, the race was a public relations event promoting the Mint Hotel’s annual deer hunt, but what started out as a hotel promotion soon grew into a legitimate desert race. Since its 2008 revival, “The Great American Off-Road Race” has only gotten bigger and more prestigious, and deeper fields every year only make it tougher to win.


Brayden Krah had to fight hard for the Youth 1000 short-cfourse win over TJ Siewers.

In one of the closest finishes of the entire 2021 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 race weekend, Brayden Krah took the victory in the Youth 1000 class during Saturday’s short-course events. Besting a field of 13 drivers over 11 laps on this year’s Youth course, Krah’s margin of victory over TJ Siewers was a razor-thin 0.894 seconds. Behind them, Ryan Bedoya was third, earning his own podium finish by just 0.192 seconds over Brock Hanmer. Chaden Zane Minder completed the top five, while first place starter Ethan Groom posted the fastest lap of the race with a 2:26.475 on the way to a ninth place finish, last among the group to complete every lap.

The Youth races started with 14 entries taking to the course in the 170 Production race, with Siewers kicking off the day by lapping all other drivers except for Dexter Warren. Next up were the 250 and 170 Open divisions racing together, with Chaden Zane Minder earning the overall win in a 250 and Wyatt Cotter bringing home the 170 Open win over Taylor Foerster.

Finally, in the 570 class, Jedi Jack Mamelli scored the victory over Taylor Bedoya.


Pro Turbo

1. Dustin Jones/C-A…4/08:28:31.149

2. Branden Sims/Pol…4/08:39:06.315

3. Christen Sourapas/T909…4/08:40:41.932

4. Mike Cafro/Pol…4/08:43:22.500

5. Rodrigo Ampudia/C-A…4/08:58:25.954

6. Phil Blurton/C-A…4/09:01:10.975

7. Justion Smith/C-A…4/09:53:36.016

8. Holden Heitritter/Pol…4/10:00:29.242

9. Bernie Gomez/C-A…4/10:07:54.223

10. Mike Pratt/Pol…4/10:20:16.934

Pro NA 1000

1. Kaden Wells/Pol…4/09:11:16.709

2. Carson Wernimont/Kaw…4/09:23:57.248

3. Corbin Wells/Pol…4/09:26:40.908

4. Brayden Baker/Pol…4/09:51:05.692

5. Dominick Gaglione/Pol…4/10:32:47.945

6. Adrian Orellana/Pol…4/10:36:03.227

7. Bret Ward/Pol…4/11:12:54.262

8. Cynthia Gauthier/Pol…3/09:43:10.956

9. Timothy Hall/Pol…3/09:43:10.956

10. Katie Verona/Pol…2/05:44:37.653

Pro Unlimited UTVs

1. Michael Isom/C-A…4/09:15:15.782

2. Michael McFayden/C-A…4/09:20:16.578

3. Herman Johnson/C-A…4/10:17:51.468

4. Jack Torrkkola/C-A…4/10:20:16.519

5. Garrick Lastra/C-A…4/11:02:02.508

UTV Rally

1. Jack Olliges/C-A…3/07:01:18.847

2. Donald Cerrone/C-A…3/07:12:49.313

3. Rodrigo Arriagada/C-A…3/07:19:02.869

4. Barry Schafer/C-A…3/07:24:58.712

5. Ernie Ely/C-A…3/07:43:25.860


Youth 1000s

1. Brayden Krah/Pol…11/27:53.929

2. TJ Siewers/Pol…11/27:54.823

3. Mikey Kelly/Pol…11/28:04.843

4. Ryan Bedoya/Pol…11/28:26.164

5. Brock Hanmer/Pol…11/28:26.164

6. Chaden Zane Minder/Pol…11/28:41.704

7. Hannah McClain/Pol…11/28:57.712

8. Jedi Jack Mamelli/Pol…11/29:03.616

9. Ethan Groom/Pol…11/29:19.962

10. RJ Tremblay/Pol…8/28:13.883

Youth 570

1. Jedi Jack Mamelli/Pol…12/36:48.965

2. Taylor Bedoya/Pol…11/37:03.069

3. Kaylee Kyle/Pol…11/37:06.941

Youth 250

1. Chaden Zane Minder/Pol…14/25:36.613

2. Tanner Thompson/Pol…12/25:30.993

3. Geore Llamosas/Pol…5/08:25.832

Youth 170 Open

1. Wyatt Cotter/Pol…13/25:00.003

2. Tatum Foerster/Pol…13/25:26.400

3. Allison Furnell/Pol…12/25:17.264

Youth 170 Production

1. TJ Siewers/Pol…13/25:49.213

2. Dexter Warren/Pol…13/26:40.386

3. Ian Torfi/Pol…12/25:08.633

4. Kaleb Montes/Pol…12/25:47.659

5. Ryland Gaughan/Pol…12/25:52.389

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