PRODUCT TEST: DXTrigger Evolve Honda Throttle Lever

DXTrigger’s Evolve throttle works in conjunction with your OEM thumb throttle to alleviate the dreaded “numb thumb” or “throttle thumb” on long rides. Adding another throttle lever, similar to a personal watercraft, the DXTrigger Evolve lets you use the OEM thumb throttle normally, switch to the finger throttle, or pinch both at the same time. This makes for a more comfortable ride and is great for people with small hands or disabilities. The DXTrigger fits 1997 Honda ATVs to present and will fit some older models with three-screw thumb-throttle bodies. It won’t fit Honda sport ATVs newer than 2005.

This patented piece is pretty ingenious. A plastic housing sits on top of the OEM thumb-throttle housing via three longer screws (included), and a pivot linkage inside the housing pulls the OEM cable arm when the DXTrigger shorty lever is pulled. The short aluminum lever has a comfortable rubber cover for extra traction, and a nyloc nut inside the housing keeps everything tight.


It literally takes less than five minutes to install or remove the DXTrigger. We put ours on our Rancher DCT automatic in fewer than five minutes. Simply remove the top cover screws, the cover and the cork gasket, exposing the throttle cable and OEM link arm. The aluminum L-bracket inside the DXTrigger goes between the thumb-throttle housing and the cablelink arm. The housing sits where the cork gasket did sit, and the gasket and OEM cover are installed on top of the DXTrigger housing. Install the longer screws from the kit, starting with the left-rear screw (when viewed from the saddle) and working clockwise for a fast and easy install. If you try to start on the right side, the holes won’t want to line up due to cable and TRS tension. The DXTrigger will move the OEM thumb throttle when its lever is pulled when installed properly. It doesn’t necessarily move when the thumb throttle is pulled.

Not being spring-loaded like the OEM throttle, the DXTrigger Evolve doesn’t add to the throttle-pull effort, but it reduces throttle pull on the longer trigger lever, especially if you use both the trigger and thumb throttle at the same time. The DXTrigger doesn’t affect idle speed or impede the thumb throttle in any way, nor does it apply throttle when the front brake lever is pulled. Instructions warn not to tighten the cover screws too tight (no more than 5 inch-pounds) or the DXTrigger housing can be distorted.

If a numb throttle thumb is on your list of ATV ailments, the DXTrigger Evolve is a great way to extend rides without digit downtime. While the Evolve only fits Honda 4x4s and older sport/utility ATVs at present, there will soon be DXTriggers for Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki and so on. We can’t wait to get the Yamaha DXTrigger to alleviate the dreaded Yama-thumb.

rating: ★★★★
price: $124.99, plus $15 S&H

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