EKS Brand EKS-S goggles are the latest premium goggles from EKS Brand goggle. The EKS-S lineup is built with superior materials for extra style, function and comfort. Developed from EKS Brand’s popular GOX goggle, the EKS-S includes the highest-quality polycarbonate, shatter-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-fog-coated lens with 100-percent UVA protection. Tear-off posts are integrated into the premium lens for quick and easy tear-off installation. An anti-static, smudge-resistant goggle bag comes with the goggle. The EKS-S also has a new Force-Fit outrigger system to help the goggle fit in the helmet eyeport, a detachable nose guard and a tab system in the lens channel to help reduce lens recoil. A newly integrated Flo-Air ventilation system, four-layer neoprene fleece-lined face foam, and an ultra-pliable Poly-Flex urethane frame provides premium level comfort, fit and visibility.

The EKS-S is available in a huge variety of colorways, in addition to classic solid black, red and gray. All colors are available for $69.99, which is less than high-end goggles from other premium goggle brands.

The 17mm-thick, fleece-lined foam lets the goggles seal on your face comfortably with very little pressure. This goggle also vents very well to keep the wearer cool and prevent fogging.


UTVers use many kinds of eye protection, including helmets with face shields to suit conditions and personal preferences, but a helmet and good goggles remain popular because they work so well. They are cool in hot weather because they allow so much airflow, keep dust on the outside of the lens, and they resist fogging very well in cold weather because your breath is sealed outside of the goggle frame.

The lens is extremely clear, distortion-free and very long-lasting as long as you use reasonable care when wearing, cleaning and transporting the goggles. The soft, pliable frame conforms to the wearer’s face perfectly, and the outriggers on the frame let you position, adjust and grip the goggles without touching the lens. The 17mm thick, fleece-lined foam lets the goggles seal on your face well with very little pressure. This goggle also vents very well to keep the wearer cool and prevent fogging.

There are more nice touches, like the woven-in strap graphics and silicone rubber beads on the strap that keep the strap positioned on your helmet, even in wet conditions. The detachable nose guard provides valuable protection from roost, but some wearers like to remove it to make the goggle easier to remove from some helmets.


You don’t need to be a goggle expert to see and feel the difference between the EKS-S goggle and an economy or mid-priced goggle. The comfort and clarity they offer are remarkable.

CONTACT: Your WPS dealer or https://eksbrand.com.

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $69.99

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