The Lucid goggles from EKS is the brand’s top-of-the-line goggle. It uses EKS’ best, most distortion-free lens, and a special frame that allows quick, easy lens changes. EKS also offers a huge range of lens choices for the Lucid goggles, in addition to clear, mirrored and various tints, including dual pane, blue tint for changing light and a lens with a roll-off film system pre-installed. The goggles also accept tear-offs. The Lucid’s unusual frame is available in a wide variety of colors and uses a rigid lens frame bonded to a more flexible face-foam area. Four-layer, 17mm-thick face foam assures a comfortable fit and a good seal against dust. EKS Lucid goggles are $99, which is similar to other high-end goggles.

Rather than a series of tabs, easy-to-use sliding retainers at the edges of the goggle frame hold the lens in place.



Motocross-type helmets and goggles continue to be a popular choice for UTVing, because goggles don’t fog or get dusty as easily as face-shield-type helmets.

EKS’ Lucid goggles excel in all the areas we expect from a premium google—clarity, comfort and sealing against dust with good filtered ventilation for cooling and to fight fogging. The Lucid goggles’ other big benefit is its easy lens-changing system. Changing lenses on most goggles can be such a wrestling match that we’ve changed goggles rather than lenses—not with the Lucid goggles. To change lenses, you slide the clips at the outer edges of the lens frame upward, lift the lens out, seat the new lens on the frame and slide the clips down to lock the lens in.


EKS Lucid goggles have the excellent clarity, comfort and sealing against dust we expect from high-end goggles with the added benefit of a truly easy lens-changing system.

CONTACT: https://eksbrand.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $99

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