EMP releases the Gated Speed Shifter for your RZR

RZR “Gated Speed Shifter” Assembly

P/N: EMP-13188

  • Fits: 2014-16 XP1K, 2014-16 XP1K-4, 2015-16 RZR 900, 2014-2016 RZR 900-4, and 2016 RZR 1000-S.

This only fits the newer body style models listed above.

  • Allows you to shift from Low to Reverse without looking at the indicator on the dashboard.
  • Replaces the stock shifter.
  • Plastic Housing looks OEM.
  • Includes: Anti-Theft Padlock Hasp.
  • Made In USA.

Now, you can shift through gears without missing gears or looking at the indicator light on your dashboard. The metal gate lets you see and feel what gear you are in when shifting on the fly. Allows you to go from Reverse to Low with a positive stop.

MSRP: $174.99

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