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— EPI Drive Belt Bag and Severe Duty Belt —

Why carry a spare belt? Because when your belt blows, you will be miles from the truck, dusk will be setting in, it will start to rain and when you finally get to the truck you will realize the keys to your truck are still in your machine. Sound like a fun ride? We don’t think so either. Keep your spare CVT drive belt clean, dry and secure even in dirty off-road conditions with an EPI Drive Belt Bag.

Lightweight, compact design allows you to secure the bag anywhere on your ride with included hook-and-loop fasteners and grommet straps. The Drive Belt Bag fits all EPI Severe Duty drive belts and is designed to retain proper belt shape resulting in long life of the spare. Find our Severe Duty Belts and EPI Drive Belt Bag at EPIperformance.com 218-829-6036




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