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Events in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area started as gatherings for quads, bikes, jeeps and sand buggies. Then the UTVs literally took over the entire dune scene. The larger events like Dune Fest and the Raptor Rally still exist, but not on the massive scale like UTV Takeover.

One of the most exciting activities at the UTV Takeover is the head-to-head short-course event. Racers get a lap around two separate courses at the same time his competitor is on course. They safely swap courses in the middle and meet very close at the end to determine a winner. BJ Leach was the Turbo-class winner.
The Coos Bay portion of the Oregon Dunes is located at the southern end of the ride area. Camping is allowed on the sand or in approved campgrounds with paved road access. Every spot is beautiful.
The early 1970s Honda ATC 70s
were out in force cruising the camps and in their own race. The revival of this vintage machine is running full steam.
If you are a vendor or shopper at any UTV Takeover event, you are like a kid in a candy store with plenty of buyers and parts to outfit their rides.
The infamous Al McBeth topped his sand jump record and set a new distance of 188 feet.
Hill-fest was a test of drivers’ skills on a twisty, off-camber section of the dunes. The drivers’ abilities were as fun to watch as taking in the views. BJ Leach had the fastest time—a little quicker than this RS1.
A complete frame off the RZR Turbo build was the showstopper in the UTV Takeover’s Show & Shine contest. This ride featured titanium A-arms and trailing arms.
SuperATV made the trek all the way out to Oregon from Indiana to show off killer builds and offer up affordable parts for their West Coast customers.
A ride to and along the coastline should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting the Oregon Dunes. It’s one of the coolest things you can do in a SxS.
We caught this brave Can-Am X3 driver skimming across one of the many shallow lakes that dot the dune area. Coos Bay offers a riding experience like no other.
The drags were constantly entertaining the crowd all weekend. It’s amazing to see how fast these modified 200–400-horsepower cars are going these days. q

In four short years, Jim McIntire and Steve McCarthy have turned their passion for the sport and love of the people involved into arguably the biggest powersports riding event in the country. Whether you are into camping, exploring, shopping, racing or spectating, this event has it all. We attend the Oregon event every year both for coverage and just to enjoy the sport ourselves. The UTV Takeover event brand has expanded nationwide, so you have no excuse not to attend in the future. By the way, all of the racing and challenge activities are free. Here’s what the 2019 UTV Takeover held in Coos Bay, Oregon, looked like. The final event of the year will take place in the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Waynoka, Oklahoma, September 25–29th. Visit www.utvtakeover.com for more info.



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