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Western Power Sports, one of the largest aftermarket parts distributors in the world and makers of brands like Fly Racing, Sedona tire and Open Trail, recently held a national sales meeting in its hometown of Boise, Idaho. We listened in as the sales team learned about new in-house products and the latest vendor-supplied offerings. We learned some exciting new things are going to be sold for UTV owners at your dealerships. They will be available just about the time you are reading this article. Here are a few of the ones that caught our eye. To find a dealer or to become one, log on to

Fire Power is increasing its line to include replacement starter motors and batteries to rival OEM quality, aftermarket features and price.
EPI is aggressively expanding its line to offer products for all Can-Am models, including this clutch kit for the Defender. For all brands, they have a growing line of extreme-duty belts and clutch tools for dealers and your home shop, too.
Spike Power Supply plugs plug directly into the Polaris Ranger and other models’ under-hood power supplies. You can wire it directly to the accessories that you want to install or use it to charge your stock buss bar so you are ready for future installs.
All Balls Racing now encompasses brands like Vertex, Hot Rods, Hot Cams and Fuel Star. Under the Fuel Star brand, this Polaris fuel pump assembly is a fraction of the price of the stock part, and we like that the fuel pick-up filter is removable and cleanable. The hold-down nut is available separately, too.
Nav Atlas is going to blow away the UTV sound, communication and navigation world. Using all digital technology, the company is offering radios with a huge range increase, sound systems with true stereo and a rear-view mirror that can control it all at a glance with a touch of your gloved fingertip.
UTV Tec has a new adjustable rifle rack that clamps down softly and securely on any sized rifle and will mount to any angle roll tube when you utilize their brand-new adjustable mount.
Blac Rac sells weapon mounts for military and law-enforcement agencies across the country. Now civilian sportsmen can purchase the same quality, safe and secure system to install in their UTVs or pickup trucks. The adjustable clamping system works with pistols or rifles and is strong enough to hold your firearm driving hard over any terrain. The clamps are lockable, too.
HMF Ultra Quiet is going to revolutionize the hunting UTV experience. HMF clams the dual-core quiet system reduces noise by 8-9 decibel levels over stock while only loosing 1 horsepower. The testers tell us you hear more clutch and valve-train noise than exhaust tone.
High Lifter created the ATV lift kit market with its first Honda kit, and more recently has been known for incredible RZR and Ranger products. Can-Am Defender owners will be happy to know High Lifter now offers a simple bolt-on kit for the standard and Lone Star editions that will allow you to run those big High Lifter mud tires you want.





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