Trail width UTVs may be a new thing to some manufacturers, but not Polaris. Polaris started the 50 inch UTV trend and the whole sport UTV sensation with the RZR 800 ten years ago. Here’s what you need to know about the latest latest 50 inch RZR, the RZR 900 EPS.

-The RZR 900 starts at $12,999. Our test machine, the RZR 900 EPS, is $14,799. Can-Am’s Maverick Trails start at $10,999 for the base 800. The Trail 1000 is $12,999. The Trail 800 DPS is $12,999, and the 1000 DPS is $14,799 or $14,899 in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo. The RZR 570 is $10,299, and the 570 EPS is $12,299. Textron Wildcat Trail 700s start at $12,499. The Wildcat Trail 700 LTD is $13,499. The Honda Pioneer 500 is $8,999 or $9,599 in Honda Phantom Camo.

-More than power steering separates the 2018 RZR 900 EPS from the base model. It also gets cast aluminum wheels, a faster engaging 4WD system, and White Lightning or Titanium metallic painted bodywork.

-It’s quick! The 900’s 75 horsepower may not sound like a lot when there are 172 horsepower UTVs out there, but the 900’s 75 horses move the RZR’s mere 1176 pounds effortlessly. The Polaris pulls as hard as some larger machines.

-The RZR’s suspension is fairly firm, which is to be expected on a vehicle with 10 inches of travel, but it’s surprisingly compliant and comfortable on small impacts. The slightly firm settings let you push the RZR on bumpy trails and it will handle g-outs and even some decent size jumps without bottoming.

-The RZR 900 agility and easy handling make drivers of larger, wider UTVs jealous. As with any 50” wide UTV, the RZR 900 hasn’t got the goof- proof stability wider vehicles have, but it corners like a mosquito. Front and rear sway bars, light weight and good weight distribution give the 900 a flat, sure feel in slow and fast turns, and it can slide controllably on low traction surfaces.

-See the full test of the RZR 900 EPS in UTV Action’s September issue!

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