The FAST Pro Remote Intake blower mounts to your vehicle’s roll cage or other mounting point and forces 105 CFM of filtered air to your helmet. The all aluminum filter housing contains a changeable paper filter and the fan and motor have a tough reinforced plastic housing. The universal flexmount bracket permits the outlet to face any direction. Slip-On inlet and outlet ducting connections allow easy duct changes. Hoses are available separately. It’s $294 from 

F.A.S.T. started in a garage in Arlington Heights, IL at the home of founder Chris Raffo in 1982. Chris was a Baja truck driver and was sick of eating dirt. He created a helmet that brought filtered air directly to his mouth, without allowing the dust to come in from under the helmet.Helmet manufacturers followed his lead and the Sidewinder helmet was created. This set up the foundation for our relationships with other manufacturers of safety equipment and we have cultivated these relationships for over 33 years

We have added many styles of blowers and filters to our product line over the years, so we have something for every venue of racing. F.A.S.T. was also the first company to come out with COOL filtered air, by adding a cooler with a heat extrusion packed full of ice to drop the temperature of the air going to your helmet (Keeping your head cool). We have blowers, filters and cooling for every type of racing you could imagine… Drag racing, off road trucks, stock car, sports car, formula car, go-karts, legends, monster trucks, drag boats, powerboats and more! Give us a call to see what might suit your needs at (847) 255-9200.

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