2019 CAN-AMs

— Taking a closer look —

Can-Am’s 2019 models get exciting upgrades. All 2019 Maverick X3s come with Smart-Lok, a fully lockable on-the-fly front differential, and there are intense new color choices for X3s, Defenders and more. Here are the details on all the just-released 2019s.

X3 X rs Turbo R.


X3 Turbo Rs return for 2019 with 172 horsepower, intercooled, turbocharged, three-cylinder, 900cc, 12-valve engines.  All X3 side-by-side vehicles get a new high-torque, Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system to improve low-speed riding and enhance input feedback to the driver. A redesigned front sway bar link is more durable and also enhances cornering. A new electrical cover better protects the engine control unit (ECU).

X3 X mr Turbo.

Base, X ds, X rs, X mr (mud runner), and X rc (rock crawler) X3 Turbo R models are available with prices ranging from $22,999 to $28,999. Four-seat X3 Max Turbo R models are available in base, X ds and X rs trim. Prices for X3 Max Turbo Rs go from $24,999 to $29,899. X rs and X rc X3 Turbo Rs are 72 inches wide with up to 22 inches of front travel and 24 inches of rear travel. Base and X ds models are 64 inches wide with up to 20 inches of front and rear travel. The X rc package includes 30-inch Maxxis Liberty tires and a winch. X mr models come with snorkeled engine and transmission intakes, 30-inch ITP Cryptid tires and winches.

X3 X rc Turbo R.

Non-intercooled X3 Turbos produce 120 horsepower and come in base, X rc, and X mr versions. The base X3 Turbo is $19,999, the X3 X mr Turbo is $22,699 and the X3 X rc Turbo is $23,999.

X3 Max X ds Turbo R.


Can-Am’s new Maverick Sport 60-inch-wide sport UTVs are available in three versions—a 75-horsepower base 1000 that sells for $14,699, the Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) 1000 for $16,499 and the 100-horsepower DPS 1000R for $17,999. All the Maverick Sports are powered by a 976cc, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve V-twin. The 1000R’s extra 25 horses come from a better-flowing airbox and exhaust system. All models have double-A-arm front and rear suspension using spring preload-adjustable Fox 2.0 shocks. Travel is 11.5 inches up front and 12 inches in the rear. Can-Am also announced that the Sport RC and Sport Mud will be 64 inches wide.

Maverick Sport 1000R.


Maverick Trail 50-inch-wide sport UTVs are powered by 800cc or 976cc, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve V-twins. Double A-arm front and rear suspension offers 10 inches of travel up front and 10.5 in the rear using spring preload adjustable gas shocks. They’re available in base and Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) models, and prices range from $10,999 to $14,899.

Commander XT 1000R.


Commander recreation machines come in two-seat and four-seat Max models with 71-horsepower 800cc or 92-horsepower, 976cc, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve V-twins. These vehicles are 58.6 to 61.2 inches wide with 10 inches of front and rear travel. Tilting, dual-level beds let these machines work as well as they play. Base, DPS, XT and Limited trim levels are available with prices from $11,199 to $22,099.

Defender X mr HD10.


Defender utility-recreation UTVs get numerous upgrades for 2019. The tow rating has been increased to 2500 pounds for HD8 and HD10 engines. A one-year limited warranty covers all Defender 2019 models.

Defender HD8s now have standard lockable rear differentials and 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. Defender XT Cab and Max XT Cabb vehicles now have 12 inches of ground clearance.

The mud-ready Defender X mr boasts the industry’s top ground clearance at 15 inches, suspension travel and shock size, with a new larger shock bore. Engineering revisions reduced the lower ranges for both the high and low range. The drive system includes a new lockable rear differential.

The Defender XT-P package now features Smart-Lok traction system with Trail-mode-improved traction in every condition, especially in slow-speed maneuvering.

Maverick Trail family.

The Defender Lone Star Edition receives its own unique and prominent badging, improved cast-aluminum wheels and, like the Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition package, tougher protective equipment for more durability in challenging terrain.

Defender UTVs are available in three-seat, 1000cc HD10; 800cc HD8; and 500cc HD5 models in base, DPS, XT, XT Cab, X mr, XT-P and Mossy Oak Hunting trim levels with prices ranging from $9999 to $23,899. Six-seat Defender Max models in base, DPS, XT, XT Cab and Lone Star packages start at $12,399 and go to $26,559.

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