— Now celebrating its 50th year, Argo is a pioneering brand in the UTV industry and the leading manufacturer of amphibious UTVs. For 2018, the Canadian company introduces its all-new Xplorer ATV line, along with new six- and eight-wheel-drive amphibious UTVs. Prices haven’t been set yet, but Argo claims its pricing will be very competitive. Here’s what you need to know about the new machines.


XRT 1000 LE.


XRT 1000 LE

The Xplorer XRT 1000 LE is a two-rider ATV powered by a V-twin, 997cc, four-stroke, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve engine. The 4WD system includes an electronic-locking front differential and an electric-unlocking, turf-mode rear differential. The fully automatic dual-range transmission features active descent control to regulate speed on steep downhills.

The XRT 1000 LE has dual A-arm front and rear suspension with 8.7 inches of travel up front and 9.3 inches in the rear. Tri-mode, speed-sensing electronic power steering varies assist with speed for better handling and feel, and it allows riders to manually select three different assist modes.

XR 500 LE.



Argo’s XR 500 is available in single-rider and two-rider base, EPS and LE models. The XR 500, XR 500 EPS and XR 500 LE are full-size ATVs powered by a single-cylinder, 503cc, single-overhead-cam, four-valve, electronically fuel-injected engine with 39 horsepower. They also feature selectable 2WD/4WD with electric push-button control and locking front differential. All models have independent, dual-A-arm front and rear suspension. Single-rider models have 8.7 inches of travel up front and 9.4 inches in the rear. Two-rider models have 9.1 inches of front travel and 10.4 inches of rear travel. EPS and LE models have tri-mode, speed-sensing electronic power steering (TMSS EPS). The XR 500 LE also comes with 26-inch premium Innova tires mounted on 14-inch black aluminum wheels.

XR 500 EPS.


Available in the same trim levels as the XRs, the extended wheelbase, two-up XRT 500 includes an ergonomically designed raised rear seat for exceptional comfort and visibility for the passenger. Raised passenger footrests are complemented by adjustable, well-positioned rear grab-handles. A single handlebar-mounted halogen headlight (LE models) and dual under-rack-mounted projector beams make for one of the best lighting packages in the industry. The Xplorer’s aggressive styling doesn’t end there; the XR and XRT 500 models also feature performance-inspired, fully functional, chrome dual exhausts.

XRT 500 LE.



Argo offers recreational versions of its Avenger, Frontier and Conquest amphibious UTVs and commercial versions of the Avenger and Conquest equipped for challenging work conditions. These machines are steered with handlebars, and a motorcycle-type twist throttle is used on the right handlebar. The left handlebar lever operates all-wheel braking. The wheels don’t steer as on most UTVs. Turning the handlebars brakes the left or right row of wheels to provide skid steering. Wide turns are made with a series of smaller turns. The Argo chassis has no springs or shocks. Low-pressure tires provide the suspension. Argo amphibious UTVs have full-time six- or eight-wheel drive and the wheels are chain-driven. Top speed is 22–25 mph on land and 3 mph on water.

Avenger 8×8 LX.



Avenger 8x8s have seating for six on land or four in water. Liquid-cooled Kohler pushrod V-twins with 30 horsepower provide the power. All Avengers have dual-range, fully automatic transmissions. Base, LX, Hunt Master and Responder models are available.

LX recreational models include premium seats, stereo, handrails, beadlock wheels and brake lights.

Recreational Hunt Masters have camo bodywork, a front rack, brush guard and winch.

Responder commercial models for rescue operations include a stretcher rack.

Frontier 6×6 SE.



Argo’s Frontier line includes six- and eight-wheel vehicles with seating for four to six on land or two to four on water. They’re powered by air-cooled Kohler pushrod V-twin engines from 23 to 26 horsepower with dual-range, fully automatic transmissions. Six-wheel recreational Frontiers are available in Scout S, SE and ST Limited versions. Eight-wheel recreational Frontiers come in S, Scout S and S Limited trim levels.

Scout models come with Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo or new Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo bodywork, a front rack, brush guard and winch.

XRT 500 EPS.



Conquest 8x8s are equipped with a cargo bed and have seating for two or four on land (with optional bench seat) or two in the water. They’re powered by liquid-cooled Kohler V-twins with 30 horsepower, or three-cylinder, 24-horsepower diesel engines with dual-range fully automatic transmissions.

The Conquest Outfitter recreational model has camo bodywork, premium seats, a rear receiver winch, front rack and gun rack, LED headlights, and heated driver and passenger hand grips.

Conquest commercial models include the base XT, the XT-X with power dump bed and the XT-L with a two-person ROPS, roof, power dump bed, rear receiver wiring, windshield with wiper, stretcher and carry bag.

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