Dear Sarge,

I would like an honest opinion from you concerning advice from another mechanical expert, Dirt Wheels Magazine’s Winston “Boss” McCannick. What do you think of Boss’s reply to Kenny Berry, “TIRE REPAIRS NOT SO PERMANENT”? I have had good luck with simple external plugs but I add a can of Fix-A-Flat as insurance against any future leaks. In my experience I do not see the need to go to all the trouble of dismounting my RZR’s tire and repairing it according to Boss. So I think my way is cheaper and easier. So who is right, Boss or me?

Cleve Richland

Nampa, Idaho

Private Cletus, as much as it pains me to admit it, the old man is correct! Following his instructions will leave you with a permanent tire repair. And you should know Boot that we share the same shop and I have NEVER seen him repair a flat, EVER! Myself or another Editor ends up doing it! Those flat fixes in a can are temporary at best and most times, if the hole in the tire is too large or not round, useless! These flat fix cans contain a polymer that is combined with an acid solution and when exposed to oxygen by injecting it into a tire, a catalytic reaction takes place that turns the polymer into an epoxy, which can seal a small nail hole. Being an epoxy, it will harden and when it does harden, it can not future proof your tires against leaks. Also, with the inside of the tire coated in this epoxy, balance can be affected. Any liquid left over after the chemical reaction just flows around inside the tire, making a mess. I don’t recommend them nor do I carry them with me. You need to count off at least 50 for using that stuff! Dismissed!

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