By Tim “Land-Use Lumpy” Tolleson

Spring cometh, and many across America are getting ready for the new riding season. As we head into the new year, Fox Factory for 2022 has a couple of hot irons in the fire, news-wise. As we reported in the February 2022 issue, Polaris’ all-new 74-inch RZR Pro R breaks new ground with the four-cylinder, 2-liter ProStar engine with a normally aspirated 225-horsepower output. We paid so much attention to the engine and long-travel suspension components that we only mentioned the Pro R Ultimate’s new Dynamix DV electronic on-the-fly adjustments for the all-new Live Valve X2 shocks. The partnership between Polaris and Fox Factory has added adjustable rebound damping independent of compression damping and answered Can-Am’s Smart-Shox technology.

Fox partnered with Yamaha to fit Podium X2 shocks to the 2017 and 2018 YXZ1000R and Sport Shift Special Editions, and the X2s featured separate dual-speed adjusters for compression and rebound damping. YXZs and now RMAX2s now come with Fox Podium RC2 shocks, and Fox created the Live Valve X2 shocks by replacing the mechanical adjusters with dual Live Valves to electronically adjust both compression and rebound on the fly. Fox and Polaris developed the Dynamix DV, or Dual Valve, for the Pro R Ultimate, and it raises the bar on control.

With the “old” Dynamix, raising compression stiffness also stiffens rebound when the shock compresses, forcing shock fluid through the piston valve stack and adjuster as it flows into the reservoir. With Dynamix DV and Live Valve X2, compression and rebound are fully independent. Steering sensors tell Dynamix DV that the Pro R is turning, so it stiffens compression on the outside shocks and lightens compression on the inside shocks. Dynamix DV also lowers rebound on the outside shocks and raises rebound on the inside shocks to keep the chassis level. On hard braking, Dynamix DV raises front-shock compression and lowers rebound while also softening rear-shock compression and stiffening rebound.

In effect, the Live Valve X2 shocks become electronic-hydraulic torsion bars to fight the dreaded bicycling in turns and stinkbug under hard braking.

 On jumps, Dynamix DV maximizes compression and lightens rebound to fully extend all four shocks. On landing, maximum compression is maintained to resist bottoming, but Dynamix DV also increases rebound damping to prevent bouncing from spring rebound. As the Pro R Ultimate drives out of the landing, normal settings return. We can’t wait to experience the Fox Factory shocks ourselves.

Fox Factory also has also upped the fun factor on the trail in another way—the Fox Factory Trail Trust. Like Polaris’ T.R.A.I.L.S. (Trail development. Responsible riding. Access. Initiatives. Lobbying. Safety.) and the Yamaha Outdoors Access Initiative, the Fox Trail Trust funds grants to organizations who build, maintain, and expand access to trails and riding areas. Fox’s products are an integral part of outdoor adventures, whether they be by UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobiles or 4x4s, and Fox steps up with support of responsible land use amongst outdoor enthusiasts. The Fox Factory Trail Trust has already awarded $500,000 to the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), Off-Road Business Association (ORBA), Post Wildfire Off-Highway Vehicle Recovery Alliance (PWORA) and Tread Lightly!

“We’re very proud to be partnering with the Fox Factory’s Trail Trust program in an important effort to recover and reopen critical multi-use recreation facilities after they have been devastated by intense wildfires or other natural disasters,” said Don Amador, Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance President. “Our post-fire volunteer projects are a great way to bring the motorized and non-motorized recreation communities together so that our sustainable trail networks can be protected for current and future generations.”

Check out the criteria for receiving Fox Trail Trust grants for three focus areas—trail building and maintenance, responsible recreation through education, and expanding access—at Thank you, Fox Factory, for great 2022 news!

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