Fox Live Valve shocks are used in the Polaris Dynamix Edition RZR Turbos and now XP Turbo Pros, and there is also the Honda Talon 1000X-4 Live Valve for 2020. Fox’s new Intelligent Quick Switch (iQS) allows anyone with Fox Podium RC2 (X3/YXZ), LSC (Teryx/KRX), QS3 (X3/XX/Talon), IBP or Fox Race Series shocks to upgrade to electronic on-the-fly compression adjustments via Live Valve motorized base valves controlled by a Fox suspension-control ECU. The iQS switch toggles among three settings—Soft, Medium and Firm—for instant in-cab adjustments. Fox developed the iQS system with Shock Therapy, and there are 10 other authorized U.S. dealers on the Ride Fox website.

Here’s the X3 iQS kit with Live Valve motorized compression adjusters, which also affect rebound, a Bosch ECU, and a wiring harness and switch. It also has a one-year limited warranty.


Currently, the switch rides on the dash, but a steering wheel with an integrated switch is in the works, much like on the RZR XP Turbo Pro Ultimate. The iQS kit is currently available for Maverick X3 models, and RZR and Talon kits are in the works. The Fox iQS is not interactive with several system sensors like Polaris Dynamix or Talon Live Valve. It simply adjusts all four corners of the UTV to do what you tell it to do. It also acts as a panic button if you encounter an unexpected obstacle at speed.

This is also an expandable system, so there will eventually be Bluetooth capabilities so owners can program through their phones for two or four people, dunes or trails, etc. There is also ongoing development of compatible bars and patented hydraulic sway bar links that can be instantly engaged or disengaged.

Fox and Shock Therapy co-developed the Intelligent Quick Switch (iQS) system, which uses Live Valve electronic adjusters in place of mechanical adjusters on all Fox Podium 2.5 and 3.0 shocks. Currently, iQS covers all X3 models.


X3 iQS kits include four motorized Live Valve base valves, a Bosch ECU, an automotive-grade wiring harness with locking connectors and plastic shielding, a rocker switch, mounting instructions and hardware, and iQS die-cut decals. The Live Valve valves have potentiometers that open up or close down shock-oil flow between the reservoirs and shock bodies. They have a wider range of adjustment than with QS3, RC2, LSC and Race Series valves. The aluminum-cased ECU is rated to IP67 standards, and the Live Valves are also weather-proof.


Anyone with Fox Podium shocks on his or her UTV. Currently, Fox only lists Can-Am Maverick X3 models—from base Turbos to the high-end X rs and X rc Turbo R models—but kits will also fit the new Turbo RR models and any Fox Podium shock. Fox recommends internal shock-body upgrades and valving for best performance.


We tested the iQS system on Shock Therapy’s X3 X rs Max Turbo R and RZR XP 4 Turbo at Camp RZR. The ride quality on both Turbos is simply amazing with the ST DRS and RIS shock mods and the iQS controller. Firm is great for big-dune G-outs and jumps, but it’s too stiff for good ride quality over dune chop and ruts. Medium is great for general desert and trail riding, and Soft delivers a great ride quality on Sand Highway and dune chop. Soft is the way to go for rock crawling, and Firm is the choice for panic mode.


Considering that the difference in cost between a base XP Pro and Ultimate is $6,000, the $2,075 (plus installation) Fox iQS system is a steal. Can-Am fans can buy a base X3 and then purchase iQS and an EVO Powersports turbo upgrade and have plenty of money left over for tires and other accessories. Fox iQS is almost like an electronic sway bar and can be tailored to your driving style and mood. Go Soft for cruising, Medium for spirited trail riding or Firm for hammering terrain. We’re very impressed with iQS.

CONTACT:, (831) 740-4619;, (623) 217-4959

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $2,075

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