Fox Racing and Bosch have teamed up to transfer Intelligent Ride Dynamics (iRD) and the Live Valve from the bicycling world to four wheels. Today’s suspended bikes need to be firm for pedaling (preventing wasted energy) and soft to absorb bumps, so Fox APG came up with the Live Valve, a tiny magnetic solenoid that puts pressure on shock and fork valve stacks to instantly adjust hydraulic damping. Accelerometers sense impacts and reduce damping forces in five milliseconds (0.005 seconds), and electronic timers anticipate a second impact and momentarily keep damping soft before resetting.

Five years ago, Fox’s Advanced Product Group went to work on an electronic suspension control system. Fox’s cycling division already had the iCD electronic remote lockout (now called iRD) in production at the time, so they were no stranger to mixing batteries and buttons with shim stacks and hydraulic fluid. APG developed an automated suspension system capable of reading the terrain and modulating the hydraulic damping of the forks and shock to optimize pedaling without upsetting the mountain bike’s bump-leveling performance and traction. Fox has since launched an iPhone App for tuning bike sag, compression and rebound with unlimited setups and profiles.


Yamaha has an exclusive with Fox to fit its revolutionary YXZ1000R and Sport Shift Special Editions with Fox 2.5 Podium X2 shocks with separate high- and low-speed compression and rebound adjusters. Fox and Bosch took the iRD Live Valve concept to the next level by fitting magnetic solenoids to the separate compression and rebound assemblies and controlling hydraulic damping via ECUs and a series of sensors – speed, brake pressure, acceleration, steering and inertia.

Live Valve stabilizes the UTV’s ride height and keeps it level while the suspension is absorbing bumps. It also levels the YXZ while braking, steering, or accelerating, but its most important benefit is that Live Valve can eliminate body roll without adversely affecting the car’s suspension action. Push a button and the increase in its cornering ability is greatly enhanced. With Live Valve, the UTV’s suspension and anti-roll devices can be set softer, so the same vehicle can freely articulate for rock crawling or stiffen to maintain ride height and stability in desert or short-course racing, on the fly!

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