Fram recently released Fram TrueAir cabin air filters, which feature an innovative N95 grade filter media. This dual-layered media provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection by capturing 95% of harmful airborne contaminants, as small as 0.3 microns, before they enter the vehicle’s cabin. Fram TrueAir cabin filters provide two-year protection.

The new FRAM TrueAir premium cabin air filter is available for most cars and trucks.

Prices start at $19.97. You can get them at Walmart and most auto parts stores.

The FRAM TrueAir premium cabin air filter was developed to provide high-level protection against airborne pathogens, including disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Engineered with an additional layer of anti-bacteria and anti-virus protection, FRAM TrueAir, filters out 99% of dirt, dust, pollen and allergens. It’s innovative dual-layered media traps microscopic airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns, keeping cabin air clean.

Our innovative, high-efficiency FRAM TrueAir cabin air filters are engineered to meet the needs of a growing number of safety-conscious consumers concerned about air quality. High-efficiency FRAM TrueAir™ cabin air filters provide reliable anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection when it’s needed most,” said Jeff Dent, Director of Product Management for FRAM®. “FRAM TrueAir™ incorporates N95 grade, dual-layered media that captures 95% of harmful airborne contaminants, ensuring clean air for motorists and their families.”

FRAM TrueAir™ premium cabin air filters feature:

Innovative dual-layered N95 grade filtration* media

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral†† protection that captures 95% of airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns

Filters out 99% of dirt, dust, pollen and allergens

Two-year protection

Easy installation, taking as little as 15 minutes

FRAM® recommends changing your cabin air filter every 12 months to improve filtration efficiency, while also ensuring optimal airflow performance with the heating and cooling system.

FRAM TrueAir is now available at Walmart.

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About First Brands Group™:

First Brands Group™ is a global automotive parts company that develops, markets and sells premium products through a portfolio of nine market-leading brands: Raybestos® complete brake solutions, Centric® Parts replacement brake components, FRAM® filtration products, Luber-finer® filtration products, TRICO® wiper blades, ANCO® wiper blades, Carter® fuel and water pumps, Autolite® spark plugs, and StrongArm® lift supports. The First Brands Group™ portfolio of world-class brands offers best-in-class technology, industry-leading engineering capabilities and superior customer service.

* Product is not NIOSH certified and not intended for use as a respirator or for medical purposes. Based on 3rd party ISO11155 testing of FRAM filter CV10381 achieving 95% filtration efficiency @ 0.3 micron, and 99%+ efficiency @ 3 micron.

Product tested to GB21551.2-2010 and had achieved >99% antibacterial efficiency with Escherichia coli (E. Coli) and Staphylococcus aureus.
†† Product tested to ASTM F2101 with Bacteriophage PhiX174 and had achieved 99% Viral Filtration Efficiency.

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