— FOR YOUR POLARIS UTV, and they cost less than the stock ones —

Moose Racing is now offering fuel pumps for Polaris models, both carbureted or fuel-injection. They are direct replacement parts that include the pick-up screen/filters. They maintain the stock flow rates and sell for $24.95 to $53.95.

Carbureted fuel pump.

EFI fuel pump.


$24.95 – $53.95

  • Direct replacement fuel pumps
  • Available for EFI or carbureted models
  • Stock flow rates
  • Pick up screen/filters included with EFI pumps
1009-0029 CARBURETED FUEL PUMP 24.95
1009-0030 CARBURETED FUEL PUMP 24.95
1009-0031 EFI FUEL PUMP W/STRAINER 53.95
1009-0032 EFI FUEL PUMP W/STRAINER 53.95
1009-0033 EFI FUEL PUMP W/STRAINER 53.95



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