If you are like us, you might enjoy the cold weather for the completely different riding experience it brings.  So, being prepared and protected from the elements can make a day out on the trail a memorable one. To extend the riding season in our Kawasaki Mule Pro, we outfitted it with a full-cab enclosure just as the snow started to melt last year. We are now ready for whatever cold temperatures Old Man Winter may bring.

Up top we are using a Kawasaki double-wall TPO plastic roof ($754.95) sitting on a steel frame that is bolted to the ROPS. The roof keeps the cold rain and snow out all winter and can stay in place during the summer as well.

We like to explore any time of the year. Doing it in the winter in total comfort makes us like the great-running Kawasaki Mule even more.

Up front the $795.95 glass windshield sits on a frame that gets installed first, then can be left in place if removal of the windshield is necessary any time of year. It’s made of DOT-approved AS1 safety glass. It provides a wide view out front of the machine and stays much clearer than any plastic windshield. Keep in mind if you trailer your Mule on a flatbed, Kawasaki recommends you remove the windshield so it doesn’t get hit with rocks that may spit up from your truck tires.

The $2799.95 full doors Kawasaki offers are sturdy and full of features. The pair has steel framework with double-wall TPO plastic at the bottom and surrounding the sliding window. Each door features lockable latches and a small netted pocket to store small items.

Out back a $839.95 double-wall TPO plastic structure holds a clear plastic panel and two vents to help circulate fresh air. All of the cab components are built by Curtis for Kawasaki.

Aside from being crystal clear, another benefit of a glass windshield is being able to use a wiper to keep it free from moisture or mud.


To make good use of the cab system and to stave off the elements, Kawasaki offers a windshield wiper kit for $269.95. This is an automotive-style wiper with a 20-inch-long blade. It operates electronically via a dash-mounted switch.

If the cab alone didn’t keep out much of the heat, Kawasaki offers a $725.95 heater unit. The 22,000-BTU system has two vents near the floor and a defroster vent pointed at the windshield. Two speeds of flow and a heat adjuster help you get comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

Both doors feel pretty solid and close tight. For our snow ride, they were virtually rattle-free.


To try the outfitted Mule, we took the machine to the base of one of the most popular ski resorts in California. They have been getting record snowfall the last couple of years, so it was a great day on the trails. The first thing we noticed about the enclosure is how it mutes sound coming from both the machine and the trail. The Mule is a quiet ride on its own, but with the cab installed, it was like being in the cab of a new pickup truck. Discussing how warm we were was easy, as we explored about 35 miles of hard-packed trails that the easy snowmobile tours ride on.

Exploring in the winter brings a completely new experience. The views are different, and typically the destinations are, too. We’ve explored this place using tracks before in the winter, but never in so much comfort.

The temps were in the teens for most of the day. The sun was out, so the cab itself warmed up nicely even without the help of the heater. It was nice not having to stay bundled up in our winter coats while driving, but once we stepped out of the machine, we were quickly reminded of how well the cab was keeping us from the elements. A quick flip on the heater switch would warm us up. We also used the heater on a 0-degree day when we didn’t do much riding. We could again sit in the cab without a big jacket in total comfort.

We liked how solid the doors felt and since they had locks on them, we could leave helmets and other belongings inside without worry. There were no water leaks in the rain, and the wiper did a great job clearing the windshield in front of the driver.

The feeling of driving the smooth, quiet Mule on snow inside an enclosed cab was as close to driving a silent, all-electric UTV you could get. Furthermore, this cab is so versatile and flexible, you can use all or part of it year round. If you have any one of Kawasaki’s Mules or other UTVs, be sure to see your dealer’s official Kawasaki accessory lineup or shop at www.kawasaki.comο

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