FENDER FLARES from Extreme Metal Products


Extreme Metal Products has a wide selection of products for the Polaris Sportsman Ace, including fender flares, half and full windshields, rear dust shields, roofs, EPS conversion kits, rear-view mirrors, and front bumpers with brush guards and winch mounts. The fender flare kit uses factory-style pop rivets to add 3 inches per fender and provide more splash protection. If you’re going to larger tires and/or a lift kit, the EMP Ace fender flare kit (#EMP-12514) will provide more roost protection for your 325 or 570 Ace. 46 www.atvaction.net

Each kit has four black, polyethylene, thermo-formed, plastic extensions for the front and rear Ace fenders; 26 factory-style 5/16-inch rivets (two extra); EMP stickers and step-by-step instructions with photos. The fender flare kit is made in Cleveland, Ohio.


You’ll need a drill with a 5/16-inch drill bit and some tape to install each over-fender. Each extension is for a specific fender, so familiarize yourself with the fitment and location of each before drilling any holes, and tape each extension to its specific fender. Starting at the bottom, drill one 5/16-inch hole in the Ace fender or body panel and pop the provided rivet in place, then move up to the next hole in the extension. EMP recommends carefully drilling one hole at a time for the best fitment. EMP also recommends having your dealer’s technician do the installation, but we installed all four fender flares ourselves with good results.

After a clean installation, we headed for the trails and a secret spring for some dunkings. The EMP fender flare kit does a good job of keeping mud and debris from the cab. Normally, the front tires fling roost up and into the Ace cab in turns, but the extensions cut way down on that. Also, the rivets stay locked in place, but you can use a flatblade screwdriver to remove the rivets and flares for detailing.

EMP’s fender flare kit looks good and adds 6 inches to the front and rear Ace fenders for roost protection. They’re a must if you’re going to different offset wheels, wheel spacers or a lift kit to run larger tires, especially mud tires. They’re molded to accent the Ace’s bodywork, but the flares partially cover the front and rear Ace stickers. Other than that, we’re pleased with the looks and function.


contact: Extreme Metal Products;
4730 Briar Rd., Cleveland, OH
44135; (800) 262-2768;
rating: ★★★★
price: $224.99

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