Garmin Tread GPS & Communication All-In-One

Garmin announced today their latest navigator called “Tread”. It’s much more than just another GPS unit like the Overlander we tested a year ago. With the Garmin Tread you can see where you are going, where your buddies are (up to 20) and talk to all of them via 2 watt, VHF radio. 

Garmin Tread

The clear, 5.5 inch screen has all of the cool features you expect from a company like Garmin such as trail access, vehicle pitch/roll and speed. What makes the Garmin Tread appealing to us is that it has Group Ride similar to Polaris’ Ride Command and voice communications like a walkie talkie or bluetooth system. We’ve also learned that you can communicate with others that don’t have a Garmin Tread on one of five MURS radio frequencies (See Below), if they have the ability to use those in a system such as a PCI or Rugged radio.

Garmin BC 40 Wireless Camera

Furthermore, the unit can be used to view a remote camera that can be placed anywhere on your car. We are going to play with it to watch suspension and tire movement as well use it as a back up camera. Finally, Garmin also launched a PowerSwitch that will allow you to control and power accessories with your Tread unit or by using a smart phone app.  Our samples have just arrived and we will report back on how well the new system works shortly.

Garmin PowerSwitch

All of the products mount simply to any roll cage using hose clamps and Ram Mounts. Prices for each individual product are below.

Tread with Group Ride and Radio: $799.99

PowerSwitch: $499.99

BC 40 Wireless Camera: $149.99

Frequency list for the Group Radio

151.820 MHz (11.25 kHz)

151.880 MHz (11.25 kHz)

151.940 MHz (11.25 kHz)

154.570 MHz (20.00 kHz)

154.600 MHz (20.00 kHz)


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