GBC’s Kanati Terra Master is the industry’s first UTV tire with an asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern engineered to give you better performance in soft-to-intermediate or intermediate-to-hard conditions. It’s like having two tires in one, depending on which way you mount the tire, with the “A” or “B” side out. We first tested the tire in March 2018 in 32x10R15 and then in April 2018 in 28x10R14. This month we test the GBC 30X10R14 Kanati Terra Master on a Maverick X3 Turbo, which originally came with 28-inch Bighorns.

Front-width 30×10.0R14s mounted up nicely on the Maverick X3’s wide rear rims, and mounting with the “A” side out further enhances rotating the rear end around in turns.


Kanati Terra Masters meet or exceed DOT standards for street use and are designed to tackle a wide variety of terrain and conditions. Mounted with the “A” side out, they are designed to excel in intermediate to hard terrain. The “B” out mounting is better for soft to intermediate terrain. Their non-directional design gives excellent response in any direction.


Terra Masters have lightweight, steel-belted construction for wear and flat resistance. They have 10-ply radial construction for superior puncture resistance, making them great OEM replacement tires. Sizes include 27×9.0R12, 27×11.0R12, 26×10.0R14, 27×9.0R14, 27×10.0R14, 27×11.0R14, 28×10.0R14, 29×10.0R14, 30×10.0R14, 31×10.0R14, 32×10.0R14, 30×10.0R15, 31×10.0R15, 32×10.0R15, 33×10.0R15 and 35×10.0R15.


We first mounted the “B” side out and were impressed with the tire’s grip and handling in soft terrain. Then we mounted the “A” side out and were equally impressed. This time, we mounted the 30X10.0R14s with the “B” side out in front and “A” side out in the rear on our EVO-powered X3 Turbo, which is essentially a 64-inch Turbo RR. The X3 has narrow front and wide rear rims, but the 30X10.0R14s mounted up well with a slightly flatter profile in back than the fronts.


We set up a short course with all sorts of soil conditions—from deep sand to hardpack and rocks. Most hardcore racers run front-width tires on the rear to help the UTV rotate in turns, and the Terra Masters are very predictable, sliding around faster turns with the front-B and rear-A mounting. Only on the tightest U-turns in deep sand could we feel any pushing up front in 4WD. Acceleration and braking traction are excellent, as is side-bite. Drifting is also predictable on harder terrain, with or without a slick silt surface. We tested with 20 psi for sharp-rock puncture resistance, and we had great traction in soft sand and mud.


GBC’s Kanati Terra Masters are very impressive in a wide variety of conditions, and they are a huge leap in performance, puncture resistance, and tracking over the OEM X3 28-inch Bighorns. They provide more ground clearance and better turning with more predictable exit slides, and braking traction is excellent. Mounting them on stock wheels saves money, and the 30×10.0R14s work great on the X3’s wide rear rims. Long-term wear is excellent as well, saving more money in the long run. 

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RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $203–$325.04 each; $248.03 each as tested in 30x10R14

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