Being at the controls of a UTV is not as hard on your hands as grabbing the handlebars of a dirt bike or ATV; however, you still want to be protected from flying debris and avoid the calluses the plastic, rubber and suede can give you. Gearwrench work gloves are heavy-duty mechanic or driving gloves. They are made by Mechanix Wear and can be used while driving, working on the car or just changing a tire. The gloves come in medium, large and extra-large sizes, and sell for $28.94 at

GearWrench gloves are made by Mechanix Wear, a leader in the glove world. They have padding covering the knuckles, as well as thick palms. Bulkiness keeps them from being excellent driving gloves.


Inside there is a breathable TrekDry inner layer on the back of the hand and an EVA foam padding in the palm area. Outside there is a thermoplastic rubber layer that provides protection from rocks flying off the car in front of you. It will also prevent bloody knuckles when wrenching on your ride. The fingertips are touchscreen-friendly, so there is no need to take your gloves off to scroll through social media while waiting for your friend to change a belt.


The gloves are a bit bulky. They are well-padded everywhere—from the knuckles to the fingertips. For rolling a flat tire through a bed of cacti, the GearWrench gloves are perfect. For running an impact gun or cranking a breaker bar, the GearWrench gloves are great. For driving in cold weather, they are fine, too, as the thermoplastic layer does a good job blocking the cold. For a pure driving glove, traction is good, but the bulkiness interferes with the precise feel we like to have on a steering wheel. So, that being said, we are going to keep them in our toolkit and wear them when working on our UTV. And, if we happen to leave our normal driving gloves back at home, the GearWrench gloves will get us through the ride just fine.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $28.94

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