Recently, I wrote on about exploring West Virginia caves with Big Dave Coombs, patriarch of the Grand National Cross Country Series, when I was there for the Blackwater 200 Dual-Sport ride. We jumped in Dave’s pickup to get to the next cave, and Rush Limbaugh came on the radio. Coombs, a life-long liberal, said, “You know, Rush was right.”

AMA Hall of Fame inductee and GOAT race promoter Dave Coombs founded the Blackwater 100 and GNCC racing. We lost him on August 3rd, 1998, years before sport UTVs came along.

I don’t remember exactly what Dave thought Rush was right about, but the Coombs had fought environmentalists to hold the infamous Blackwater 100 year after year. Dave even talked daughter Carrie Jo into becoming an attorney so she could defend Racer Productions in court and fight for their right to hold Blackwater and the rest of the GNCC races. And they beat the environmentalists time after time. One year, the course went out into the peat bogs and along an old logging road with dilapidated concrete blocks forming jumps, and the environmentalists flew over the course taking photos of “damage” (temporary, since courses are rehabilitated). Dave said, “Next year, if they photograph my course, it’ll be on foot.” The next year the course was routed entirely under trees.

Although not an off-roader, Rush was on the right side of every environmental issue, that is, OUR side. As an avid golfer, Rush was surely keen on golf karts, precursors to our utility and then sport UTVs. Also a beach-front property owner in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rush was well aware of how the Endangered Species Act was wielded as a weapon against American citizens, with sea turtles used as pawns in his case.

Radio’s Greatest Of All Time Rush Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the 2020 State of the Union. Conservatism lost its greatest voice and champion on February 7th, 2021.

As “The Mayor of Realville” and “The Doctor of Democracy,” Rush defended property rights and conservatism daily on his Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network, and I listened to him whenever I could. I even watched his TV show in the early years of his career, but he preferred AM radio over television, which he said was too scripted, too fake, too removed from his audience. He preferred painting his own pictures with words through the golden EIB microphone, and he did so masterfully, reaching up to 40 million listeners in the 2020s. He had a huge staff of researchers and hired a fact-check firm to audit his program, which said Rush Was Right 99.7-percent of the time.

Rush was right about what he called the “Drive-By Media,” dubbed so because the media regularly takes pot shots at anyone and anything that goes against what Rush called “the daily soap-opera script.” Daily, he would assemble montages of mainstream-media (MM) talking heads using the exact-same words and phrases and point out their collusion in spreading lies. He was a media watchdog, as I have been for all of my career. I used to subscribe to “Brill’s Content” a mainstream-media watchdog mag, and one article said that 97-percent of MM “journalists” admitted that they voted for and/or contributed to Democrats. I surmised the other three percent wouldn’t admit it. They are the propaganda arm of the donkey party, and Job One is to make their minority seem like the vast majority.

If the mainstream news media can’t predict local weather seven days from now, why should we believe their climate predictions seven years from now?

Like Rush, I don’t like today’s 24/7 news channels, especially the Cranium Numbing Network and, as Rush called them, PMSNBC. As a Floridian and techie, Rush was concerned with hurricanes and had several weather Apps on his many devices. The Malstream (bad news) media pushes the Man Made Climate Change agenda with hyperbolic coverage of the weather, especially hurricanes, tornadoes, and flood-causing storms. He would point out how the talking heads blathered on for days before every hurricane landfall about where and with what intensity the storms would strike. He would refute their narrative daily with facts and experts like Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama Meteorology Professor, and he would point out that the MM (Muy Mal, spanish for very bad) never got it right and never apologized for being wrong. They would simply go on to the next Drive-By event. I’m sure Rush would’ve had a field day with all the EVs burning uncontrollably and even exploding after Hurricane Ian flooding, and with ruling-class claims that “Democracy is on the ballot” before the mid-term elections.

I voted in Arizona and democracy was indeed on that ballot, a proposition requiring voter ID. Democracy IS the ballot, where citizens get to choose who represents them and their values.

Malstream Media seeks to keep us in a constant state of fear, including supply-chain issues and the health of the planet.

Rush is the only media member that ever apologized. I can’t count how many times he would come on after a commercial break and apologize for mispronouncing someone’s name, as he was hearing impaired in his later years. Have you ever heard any so-called journalist apologize, especially on CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News? As someone in the truth-telling business, I distrust the Malstream Media. And I can’t stand Rush’s so-called replacements, Clay and Buck, for their too many misuses of “by the way.”

I miss Rush and Big Dave as much as my Dad….

Michael Crichton is another great communicator who is no longer with us. His last novel blew the environmentalists’ Man-Made Climate Change hoax completely out of the water. It is the only novel I’ve read that has references, footnotes, and bibliography. It even has a chapter on fear.

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