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The UTV Action crew is just like you. We don’t like to spend more money on stuff than we have to. We’re always looking out for cool things at a good price to make our lives better when it comes to working on or hauling UTVs. Yeah, we sometimes find what we’re looking for at Walmart, but that is more likely to happen when we go to Harbor Freight. This is one store we enjoy hanging out in while our ladies are across the street at the mall.

So, we were at Harbor Freight recently checking out stuff that would come in handy for UTV guys. Here is a list of things we saw at a good price you might be interested in too:

ALUMINUM LOADING RAMPS, $125 — These lightweight aluminum babies are rated at 1,400 pounds, are 84 inches long, 12 inches wide and fold in half for easier storage. They have the arch design which makes the angle less steep to fit more securely to the trailer or truck tailgate, and less likely for the vehicle to bottom out at the transition.

ALUMINUM FLOOR JACK, $80 — You might be able to find a steel floor jack for less than this, but those things are so heavy. It’s worth the money to get a lighter weight aluminum one. This one here is rated at 1.5 tons and has two pumps to make lifting quicker. The only draw back is its maximum lift height is 14 inches. Harbor Freight does have another long reach floor jack that lifts to height of 24 inches, but it costs $140.

UTV/ATV/MOTORCYCLE LIFT, $90 — Here is another way to lift your vehicle that has a wider platform for more security. The heavy duty hydraulic pump can handle 1,500 pounds and lifts to maximum height of 17 inches. It has caster wheels to help move it around and folds flat to 5 1/2 inches.

AUTOMATIC BATTERY FLOAT CHARGER, $8 — Sometimes your UTV sits for long periods of time in the garage and this is especially true if you have more than one. That can cause the battery to drain and lose its charge. The hot ticket to avoid that is to keep a float charger hooked up to it. They keep the battery topped off at the right voltage so it’s always ready to fire up your machine. Harbor Freight has them for as low as $8 or you can get the deluxe model for $20 that has an easy plug in cord and LED monitoring lights.

RACHET TIE-DOWN STRAPS, $20 — These are the 1 1/2 inch straps rated at 1000 pounds which are better than the smaller 400 pound straps. The set of four have rubber-covered hooks and handles that won’t scratch your prized machine. You can never have too many tie-down straps.

LOCKING TRAILER HITCH PIN, $10 — You have a good deal of money invested into your trailer and the machines parked on it, so naturally you don’t won’t to lose that. Unfortunately, there are worthless, low-life, no good individuals who’ll try to steal an honest man’s property he worked hard for. To keep that from happening to us we use a locking trailer hitch pin like this one here. Well actually, this is just one of the precautions we use.

2,500 POUND ELECTRIC WINCH, $78 — If you’ve avoided buying a winch because you think they cost too much, then you need to check out this one at Harbor Freight. It’s made by Badland and comes with a wireless remote for under $80.

10 FT. X 10 FT. POPUP CANOPY, $70 — When you go out riding on a hot summer day you need some shade while hanging out in the staging area. This Popup Canopy by Coverpro provides that at an affordable price. They say it say it folds out quickly and easily, and comes with a wheeled storage bag.

5 GALLON GAS CAN, $20 — You always need a way to bring extra gas when you’re out on a weekend riding trip. A 5 gallon plastic gas can is the standard container for that. This one has two handles to make carrying and pouring easier, and comes with a self-sealing spout.

JACK STANDS, $24 — To have a properly equipped garage you need some jack stands. At Harbor Freight you can pick up a pair of these for under $25. These steel units are made by Pittsburgh and are rated at 3 tons. Along with supporting your UTV they’re strong enough for your truck too.

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