Guide To Trailer Options

Guide To Trailer Options

Believe it or not, a trailer or a way to move a UTV is an afterthought for many owners new to the sport. Since there are so many trailer options to choose from, we put together a guide to help you out. UTV Action’s Guide To Trailer Options divides trailers up into six categories and explain the pros and cons of each to help you choose the right trailer the first time out.

Guide To Trailer Options


For space-conscious folks, there are a few foldable trailer options available. However, none of them have as much experience hauling UTVs as Assault trailers do. A foldable trailer can easily stow away in a garage, carport or side yard of a home or shop where there’s a lack of parking. The Assault product is made primarily of aluminum and can be folded up by just two people. This trailer measures 6.5 feet wide and 13 feet, 10 inches long, and folded, it is 7.25 feet tall. Overall weight is 800 pounds unloaded and can carry 2,995 pounds. Price starts at $5,500. Contact, or call them at (714) 799-6711.

Guide To Trailer Options


The tow-bar concept has been around for decades. They were a convenient way to haul lightweight sand rails to the dunes. This one is called a “trailhead trailer.” The concept of this product is for the guy who has set up his camp with his toy hauler but still needs a way to get to the trailhead. This trailer comes apart in several pieces and can stow away or slide under your UTV in the toy hauler. It’s also a great method if your truck struggles to tow a big, heavy trailer. Check out for more information or videos that clearly show the loading and unloading process. You must check local laws to see if you can use a trailer without fenders or side-marker lights and tags in your state.

Guide To Trailer Options


Flatbeds comes in all sizes and price ranges. A simple, cheap car hauler or utility trailer is how most new UTVers start towing their toys around. However, if you tow often, you will soon find out what features fit your needs the best. If your budget and parking space allow, always buy slightly larger than what you need. Keep in mind, once your friends and neighbors know you have a trailer, they will ask you to borrow it. Or, worse yet, they will want you to help rescue them when their street car breaks down. If you agree this will be the case, you will want to look at car trailers versus lighter-duty utility trailers. This unique Xventure trailer is from Schutt Industries, Inc. and comes with a rooftop tent and a few kitchen items as well. Contact (715) 823-8025.

Guide To Trailer Options


The sky’s the limit here in regards to price and floor plans. Companies like Attitude RV live the UTV lifestyle and build their product accordingly. Attitude has trailers with over 25 feet of garage space, which is enough room to carry two 4-seaters or one UTV and the rest of your house. Prices range from about $20,000 to over $100,000 depending on lengths, options and floor plans.


Aside from moving your machine from place to place, your basic enclosed trailer performs several functions. An enclosed trailer can also act as a safe, out-of-sight storage for your ride at home or possibly at a storage facility. The Look Moab is for the guy who wants a little more. There’s also ample room for two to get out of the weather or for sleeping. Additionally, there’s a toilet, sink (Slick Rock edition) and room for your camping gear, such as a cooler and BBQ. These trailers come in 14-, 16-, 18- and 20-foot lengths (78- or 90-inch widths), all with 5200-pound axles and LT235/80R16 tires so it can travel down any dirt road to a remote camp spot. Prices start at around $20,000. Contact for the closest dealer.


Larger groups of friends have turned to hiring car transport companies to get multiple vehicles to an event or ride area far away. Pooling your money together can help you and your friends pull off a trip to somewhere like Glamis, Baja, Utah or Brimstone in Tennessee.


We’ve seen some crazy ways to haul all sorts of UTVs, but this does take the cake. Don’t let a state trooper put an end to a great riding weekend if your load is unsafe and not road-worthy.


Originally made for the snowmobile crowd so they didn’t have to tow up windy mountain roads, the deck is a very convenient way to haul a UTV for some. We’ve even used our ToyUp to haul a Can-Am X3 down to the tip of Baja twice. Baja is the last place you want to do much towing. ToyUp Industries has decks for 2 four-seaters, short and long beds. Reach out to them through Ramptek ( is another UTV deck or flatbed trailer option.

See UTV Action’s full test of the UTV Deck here:

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