— Different ways to go camping with your UTV —

Isn’t it fun to spend the night in the great outdoors, far away from the modern luxuries we’re normally used to. That’s one of the good things about UTVs. They can take you to some great scenic places in the middle of no where, and they allow you to haul enough gear to be somewhat comfortable. You put up your tent, make a fire to cook some food, grab a beverage from the cooler and then you unroll your sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Or, for some UTVers, they prefer a few more comforts of home. We’ll take a look at how they achieve that here.

What’s better than a pop up tent trailer? You just have to make sure the trailer is designed to handle the same rugged trails the towing vehicle can.

Or, how about a penthouse? An elevated tent above your UTV provides a better view than a tent on the ground.

“Are you sure snakes can’t crawl up here?” We’ll, that’s the plan at least. You’re less like to have creepy crawlers invade your sleep when you’re up off the ground.

This rooftop tent also has a section at ground level too. It provides you with standing room in the dry if it starts raining. You just hope the torrential thunderstorm doesn’t last too long.

Here is the ultimate dream camper for UTVers. It was a big hit when we first posted this photo awhile back. However, it appears to be a photoshop view of how a real version would look. If you were under 5 feet tall this camper might work.

Okay, this one appears to be real. It looks like some guys made this to fit a 4-seater Rhino. Wish we had an interior view of it.

This camper shell on a Polaris Ranger is a bit more realistic. It would keep you dry in a rain, as long as you don’t have to stand up. Also, you’d have to sleep in the fetal position.

A UTV motorhome? This is how one might look for sure, but it was actually built as an emergency medical rescue unit. With a lift kit and some bigger mud tires it would be the closest thing to a UTV condo in the woods.

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