Replace damaged UTV, car, truck, and trailer tire valve stems without disassembling the tire and wheel with Hardline Products’ QuikStem tire valve system. The $29.99 kit includes two push-in-type valve stems that can be used to replace faulty stems. Most tire shops charge $15 or more to install conventional stems, so the QuikStem system is reasonably priced.

As you tighten the nut on the QuikStem, the bottom grommet inside the wheel expands against the inner surface, creating an air-tight seal.

Torn or bent valve stems don’t cause flats as often as other tire problems, but they happen. Valve stems can also crack and leak from age.  Damaged stems can be pulled out with pliers or locking pliers, cut off, or torn stems can be pushed through the wheel.

Insert the Hardline Products QuikStem valve in the hole on the wheel until the top grommet meets the wheel surface. Then, tighten the nut on the valve stem. As you tighten the nut, the bottom grommet expands to seal against the inside of the wheel. Then, inflate the tire normally. The Can-Am aluminum wheel we worked with surrounds the stem to protect it. It’s a smart design, but it leaves no space to get a socket or wrench on the QuikStem nut. We tightened the nut with needle-nose pliers, which worked fine because the nut doesn’t need to be very tight to properly seat the stem.


We installed a QuikStem in a UTV wheel, and it sealed perfectly and held up fine on the trail. The metal QuikStem isn’t vulnerable to failure from age like rubber stems, and it’s sturdy, but it doesn’t flex like rubber, so it may suffer impact damage a rubber stem won’t.


Hardline’s QuikStem tire valve system offers an easy, reasonably priced solution to the potentially ride-ending problem of a damaged valve stem on the trail or on the road, away from tire repair services.

CONTACT: www.hardlineproducts.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $29.99

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