Hardline Products’ RX UV Protectant, Cleaner & Polish is an aerosol spray cleaner, polish and protectant that’s safe for all common UTV windshields, instrument lenses, body plastic, painted surfaces and metal. Hardline claims it moisturizes and maintains plastics and protects materials from harmful UV rays that damage and fade finishes, and that it repels dust and dirt. A 14-ounce can is $14.99, not cheap, but right in the same range as other high-end protectants.

Hardline RX UV Protectant is safe on most plastic and painted materials, including polycarbonate UTV windshields.


Hardline recommends applying RX UV Protectant with a dry, soft microfiber cloth or other soft cloth. The product is not recommended for use on rubber parts.


We applied RX UV protectant to half of the hood area of a Can-Am UTV that had been parked outdoors when not in use. The painted finish looked fine, but the black plastic had begun to dull somewhat. The RX-treated side showed instant restoration to the rich black of new plastic. The painted surface improved also and became slick, though dry.

Many protectants attract dust, but true to Hardline’s claim, RX does not. Compared to the untreated side of the UTV hood, the RX-treated side remained far more dust-free in normal riding. The product-treated side also sheds water and dirt far better than the untreated side.

We didn’t have an aged UTV windshield handy to test the product on, so we applied it to a dull, foggy car headlight and left the other untreated for comparison. The difference was dramatic. The treated headlight became far more clear than the untreated one, and it stayed clear for more than a week with the vehicle driven and parked outdoors the whole time.


Hardline RX UV Protectant restores color and clarity to plastic surfaces, but does not attract dust, as most protectants do. It also repels water and dirt. It’s a helpful product for any UTVer who wants to protect their machine’s appearance.

CONTACT: www.hardlineproducts.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $14.99

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