Hardline Products Terminal Tender battery post expanders are specifically designed to safely power up to six different accessories from your 12-volt battery on any powersports vehicle. Use Terminal Tender to properly manage accessory power. It assures all your accessories are getting the full voltage they require, and its installation complies with proper wiring standards with a retail price of $39.99.

We tried a pair of Terminal Tenders on the front side of a Honda Talon battery. Terminal ends from a Rugged Radios setup and a lighted whip were able to get power while leaving four places open if you need them in the future.


Stacking ring terminals or loose wire ends on battery cables are dangerous and may cause damage to your accessories due to voltage drops. Hardline Terminal Tender installs right on the top (or in front) of your stock or aftermarket battery. Additionally, this method is the cleanest way to add one accessory at a time without disturbing others. We added the Terminal Tender to a Honda Talon battery that had a Rugged Radios setup wired to it. The install actually made the radio sound clearer and eliminated some buzzing noise we had. There are still several slots freed up in case we need to install another accessory.


If your UTV doesn’t come with a pre-wired buss bar, this is the cleanest way to connect accessories to your battery. This Terminal Tender works with any standard powersports battery. If you are using an automotive, post-type battery, Hardline has expansion blocks for that situation, too.

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RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $39.99

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