Texlex Park hosted the fifth round of the Texas UTV Race Series, and Can-Am has yet to be defeated in Pro Turbo racing. Kyle Hart won his third Pro Turbo round of the series, and third-round winner Cody Miller was second and fourth-round winner Hunter Miller was third. The fifth round also saw the new Maxxis SC1 short-course tire dominate the podium. In Normally-Aspirated (NA) Pros, Yamaha’s Cody Martin, who won the first two Texplex rounds, returned to the top of the podium with a perfect 1-1 effort.

Texplex Park has a land-rush start similar to the famed Crandon International Raceway, and Cody Martin grabbed the lead in the second NA Pro 1000 moto for his third win of the season.

Texplex has a unique two-moto format like AMA Pro Motocross, and the first heat is split into two land-rush starts with scoring based on elapsed time. First heats have two winners, who get the first two gate-picks for the two-lap longer second heats. The two races are then scored together like in the Motocross of Nations, with the lowest score winning. Final results are then awarded AMA-MX points with the winner getting 25, second getting 22, third getting 20 and so on.

Collin Truett dominated the first NA Pro 1000 heat but had to settle for third in moto 2 and third overall. He retains the points lead with three rounds to go.

In NA Pros, Collin Truett railed his RZR RS1 into a huge lead in the qualifying heat and dominated the race. Martin flew his Yamaha to the second-wave win, but Truett set a faster lap (a 3:33.024) for the top gate-pick. When the flag flew for the main, Martin railed his Yamaha into the lead and dominated the race, turning a 3:33.005 on the second lap. Cross Kirchmeier moved up from fourth to take second, finishing some 10.5 seconds behind Martin. Truett moved from fifth to third for the final podium spot.

Maxxis provided four sets of prototype SC1 short-course 27.5×10.5-15 tires to the Miller brothers, Kyle Hart and Shawn Hess. Three sets ended up on the Turbo Pro podium.

In Pro Turbos, Hart and Hunter were side-by-side into the first turn of heat one. The first turn has a split outside and inside berm, and the three round-winners dove inside. Hunter pushed Hart over the inside berm and took the lead, while Cody took second and Hart third. Kyle eventually worked his way past both Millers to take the win. In the second moto, Hart drove his X3 into the lead, but Cody got by to lead the second lap and never gave it up again. Hart kept Hunter at bay to take second in the race and the overall win, beating Cody’s 3-1 with a 1-2.

May saw two rounds at Texplex Park, and a record 171 entrants celebrated the resumption of racing after the pandemic.

Rusty Pipes again won the Turbo Amateurs in his X3 with a 1-1, but his undefeated streak ended with a second in Senior (45+) Amateurs, despite winning the main. Trey Thorton won with a 1-2 vs. Pipes’ 3-1. In under 1000cc, Rachel Cheatwood scored her fourth win in a row, and she finished second in the first round.

Alyanna Baker won the Women’s class at Round 5 in her RZR RS1. Lacy Tewksbury and Jennifer Mayo made it an all-Polaris podium.

In other Texplex news, there has been an extra round added to the schedule on August 22nd, and the July round moves to the 25th. Round 6 is June 20th.

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Kyle Hart/C-A…1-2

2. Cody Miller/C-A…3-1

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…2-3

4. Nick Burnham/C-A…5-5

5. Kory Willis/C-A…8-4

6. Jordon Berza/Yam…6-6

7. Zack Beavers/C-A…4-8

8. William Thomas/C-A…7-6

9. Rhett Fuller/Yam…10-9

10. Robert VanBeekum/Pol…9-DNS

N/A UTV Pros

1. Cody Martin/Yam…1-1

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…2-2

3. Collin Truett/Pol…1-3

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…3-5

5. AJ Payne/Pol…5-4

6. Cory Williams/Yam…4-6

7. Jubal Cheatwood/C-A…3-8

8. Kainan Baker/Pol…2-10

9. Elliott Cook/Hon…6-7

10. Curtis Kirchmeier/A-C…5-9

1000cc Turbo Open

1. Boodrow Nicholson/Pol…1-1

2. William Thomas/C-A…1-3

3. Dustin henderson/C-A…3-2

4. Darren Greene/Yam…2-7

5. Quinn Wilson/C-A…4-6

1000cc N/A Open

1. Max Brill Jr./Yam…2-1

2. JC Chappell/Yam…1-2

3. John Gandy/Hon…1-3

4. Darren Greene/Yam…2-5

5. Pat Shamblin/Yam…4-4

1000cc Turbo Amateur

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1

2. Gary Nicholson/Pol…3-2

3. Trey Thorton/C-A…2-5

4. Mickey Schroeder/C-A…5-3

5. Bobby Whitney/C-A…4-4

1000cc N/A Amateur

1. Chris Safrit/Pol…1-1

2. Logan Neal/Pol…3-2

3. Brandon Hard/Yam…2-3

4. Tyler Hill/Pol…2-4

5. Braxton Moore/Pol…4-5

Under 1000cc

1. Rachel Cheatwood/C-A…1-2

2. Dillon Fontenot/Pol…3-1

3. Dawson Boyett/C-A…2-3

4. Tyler Bunch/Pol…4-4

5. Kamber Kirchmeier/Pol…5-5

Senior (45+) Turbos

1. Trey Thorton/C-A…1-2

2. Rusty Pipes/C-A…3-1

3. Bobby Whitney/C-A…2-3

4. John Byus/C-A…5-4

5. Jeff Hughes/C-A…6-5

Senior (45+) N/A

1. Gerald Jones/Yam…1-1

2. Jubal Cheatwood/C-A…2-2

3. Austin Sides/Yam…5-3

4. Chad Mayo/Yam…4-4

5. Terry Deck/Yam…3-8

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