Texplex Park in Midlothian, Texas, hosted the second round of the eight-race Texas UTV Race Series with a slightly different short course, but the Pro UTV winners didn’t change from the first round. Kyle Hart raced his 2019 AXCC cross-country Turbo Pro championship Can-Am X3 to another win ahead of Hunter Miller in another Can-Am X3. Miller was fresh off of the King of the Hammers UTV win less than a week before, and he bettered his first-round finish by one position. Collin Truett, the defending Mideast UTV Hare Scrambles champion, was third.

Hart remains undefeated in Turbo Pro UTVs, as he went 1-1 in both rounds of the Texas UTV Race Series.

In Normally-Aspirated UTV Pros, Cody Martin of Collierville, Tennessee, won his heat and main to repeat as N/A UTV Pro winner, ahead of Truett and his Polaris RS1. Cross Kirchner was third in a Honda Talon, and Shawn Hess was fourth in another Talon.

Collin Truett did double duty and made the podium in both Pro UTV classes. He was second N/A Pro in his RZR RS1.

Texplex promoters split the Pro UTV fields in the four-lap heats and start the two waves a minute apart then determine the finishing orders on adjusted time. This determines the gate-pick order for the mains, which have a mass start and run six laps. The two races are then combined to determine overall finishes like in AMA Pro Motocross, with the winner earning 25 points, second getting 22 points and third getting 20.

Cody Martin is also undefeated in Normally-Aspirated UTV Pros, going 1-1 at both rounds in his Yamaha.

Kyle Roach repeated as 1000cc Turbo Open winner, while Rusty Pipes also remains undefeated in Turbo Amateurs, both in Can-Ams. John Gandy won the N/A 1000 Open in another Honda Talon, and the N/A Amateurs was won by Reit Byrne in a Polaris. Rachel Cheatwood won the Under 900cc UTVs in a Can-Am, and Pipes repeated as Senior (45+) Turbo winner. Lincoln Smiley won the 170 Stock class in a Polaris. There were 133 UTV entries at Round 2, down from 160 at the first round.

Hunter Miller returned from the King of the Hammers to race the second Texas UTV Series round, while brother Cody raced his Can-Am X3 in the 4400 class at the KOH. Hunter was second in the round and moves up to second in points.


Turbo UTV Pros

1. Kyle Hart/C-A…1-1

2. Hunter Miller/C-A…2-2

3. Collin Truett/Pol…2-3

4. Knox Griffin/C-A…4-4

5. Jay Shaw/C-A…3-5

6. Zack Beavers/C-A…6-7

7. Rhett Fuller/Yam…6-6

8. Derek Tidd/C-A…8-7

9. Jordon Berza/Yam…5-11

10. Nick Burnham/C-A…3-13

N/A UTV Pros

1. Cody Martin/Yam…1-1

2. Collin Truett/Pol…1-2

3. Cross Kirchner/Hon…2-3

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…2-4

5. JC Chappell/Yam…5-5

6. Cory Williams/Yam…4-7

7. AJ Payne/Pol…6-6

8. William Thomas/C-A…7-8

9. Jubal Cheatwood/C-A…6-9

10. Mike Taylor/Yam…3-13

1000cc Turbo Open

1. Kyle Roach/C-A…1-1

2. Boodrow Nicholson/Yam…2-2

3. Phillip Wilson/C-A…3-4

4. Blake Helms/Pol…7-3

5. Justin Jacobs/Pol…6-5

1000cc N/A Open

1. John Gandy/Hon…1-2

2. Max Brill/Yam…4-1

3. Perry Mahanay/Pol…3-4

4. Gerald Jones/Yam…2-5

5. Shaine Paxton/Yam…5-3

1000cc Turbo Amateur

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1

2. Boodrow Nicholson/Pol…3-3

3. Tyler Blanchard/C-A…2-4

4. Bobby Whitney/C-A…2-5

5. Caleb Smith/Pol…8-2

1000cc N/A Amateur

1. Reit Byrne/Pol…2-1

2. Brian Tuttle/Yam…2-2

3. Gatlin Martin/Pol…1-3

4. Zachary Stewart/Hon…1-4

5. Braxton Moore/Pol…1-6

Under 1000cc

1. Rachel Cheatwood/C-A…2-1

2. Tyler Bunch/Pol…3-2

3. Langston Layne/Pol…4-3

4. Christian Gaston/Pol…5-4

5. Justin Jacobs/Pol…1-9

Senior (45+) Turbos

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1

2. Buck Jones/C-A…3-2

3. Bobby Whitney/C-A…2-4

4. Jerrell Rutherford/C-A…4-3

Senior (45+) N/A

1. Terry Deck/Yam…1-1

2. Max Brill Sr./Yam…2-3

3. Gerald Jones/Yam…5-2

4. Austin Sides/Yam…4-4

5. Chad Mayo/Pol…3-6


Lincoln Smiley topped the Stock 170 class. Round 3 at Texplex will be March 7th.

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