— Do you ever worry about the straps coming loose when hauling your prized machine? Would you prefer to have an added bit of security to make sure it stays in place? Well, now you can have that with the new Drive-Over-Chock.

It easily attaches to the bed of your trailer with the supplied screws. You get it mounted in place and simply drive the front tires over. It will then keep them from rolling back. For added security you can mount another one behind the rear tires of your UTV. The Drive-Over-Chocks also work for 4×4 quads too.

The chock is 4 inches tall, has a five inch wide base and is 72 inches long. It sells for $69. There is also a heavy duty version that is five inches tall.

For more info check out the Drive-Over-Chock website > https://www.driveoverchock.com



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