— When driving off-road you have to be somewhat aggressive to make it through tough technical sections. Based on the dips, rocks and steep inclines of earth’s natural terrain  you have to be ready for the occasional roll over while transversing it in your UTV. The stock roll cage of your vehicle is pretty good at providing protection when you accidentally find yourself up-side-down. However, a roll cage that’s much stronger than stock is even better. There’s a reason why UTV racers automatically switch to aftermarket roll cages. After a roll over they want to be able to keep on going without the metal tubing above their heads being tweaked and bent out of shape. Even if you don’t race and just drive the trails at a swift pace you may want the same security and protection of a racer.

Just to give you an idea of what’s available we’ll take a look at a typical upgrade cage that SDR Motorsports offers. The photos here show their XPR-2 Sport Cage for the RZR XP 1000. The V-supports in the front is the typical way cage builders provide extra strength in that area to protect the driver in case of a high-speed flip. The back views show the extra struts and metal tubing to strengthen that area, as well as providing a more rugged bumper system. This model is listed at $1,844.

To see all of the companies that sell roll cages for your UTV and to look at photos of their models, check out our Roll Cage Buyer’s guide, that includes prices. Click here> https://utvactionmag.com/features/utv-roll-cage-buyers-guide

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