Ever since Kawasaki introduced the Teryx and Teryx4 800FI in 2012, our favorite Moab mount has been the HCR Racing long-travel T4. With Kawasaki adding the all-new KRX1000 to the Teryx line of UTVs, we have a new favorite off-road limo for Moab and other rock-crawling and trail-riding destinations. Never having abandoned the Teryx, HCR Racing is the first to come out with a long-travel suspension kit for the T-Rex K-Rex, and the Teryx KRX1000 dual-sport long-travel kit makes a fantastic rock crawler an even greater one.

While the all-new Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000 is a solid sport UTV with awesome build quality, HCR Racing has a KRX long-travel suspension kit that adds style, strength, travel, width, clearance and armor.


Most of HCR’s long-travel kits stretch wheelbase for better handling, but not with the KRX1000, which has a long wheelbase of 98.8 inches. The KRX1000 long-travel dual-sport kit adds width, travel, ground clearance, style and armor to the T-Rex K-Rex, making the 68-inch-wide Kawasaki 72 inches wide. The high-clearance trailing arms add 1.75 inches of clearance and an inch of travel for a total of 22 inches. Gull-wing boxed front A-arms work with the stock Fox Podium 2.5 LSC shocks to deliver a tad under 20 inches of front travel.

The dual-sport kit adds about 10 pounds to the already hefty KRX1000 and includes four boxed A-arms, two boxed trailing arms, four RCV extended axle bars, four billet-aluminum high-clearance radius rods and installation hardware. It uses the OEM ball joints and K-Rex shocks. Retail is $5,499.99 for raw or bare metal, or get seven choices of powdercoating for $250 extra. Candy Blue, green, or red and Can-Am Red is $350 extra.

Boxed gull-wing A-arms use the massive OEM ball joints and increase front travel to almost 20 inches. The longer arms put more leverage on the Fox shocks for a plusher ride quality.

With the extra weight comes strength, as HCR laser-cuts its proprietary steel alloy, which is 30-percent stronger than chromoly, to create the beautiful boxed A-arms and trailing arms. Arms use chromoly tubes at the mounting points. Honeycomb construction and TIG welding create boxed, lightweight arms with incredible strength. The Murray Brothers once rolled their HCR X3 seven times at the King of the Hammers, and they bent the frame but not the HCR arms.

Box-section trailing arms with internal honeycombs are much stronger than stock, and they increase width by 4 inches and clearance by 1.75 inches. They work with the stock Fox Podium 2.5 LSC shocks.


Beside the KRX1000 dual-sport kit, the HCR guys left the awesome T-Rex K-Rex stone stock, except for the rolling stock. At the SxS Adventure Rally, the two HCR Kawasakis were fitted with 34- and 35-inch tires. The White and Onyx Black K-Rex was shod with 35x10R15 Maxxis Roxxzilla Radials ($268 each) on Method 401 beadlock aluminum wheels ($243.82 each). The green K-Rex was fitted with 34×9.5R15 EFX Motovator rubber ($279 each) on KMC XD XS236 Addict 2 beadlock wheels ($252 each). At Camp RZR, the HCR KRX was fitted with Sandcraft Destroyer 32-inch paddles ($1,250 a set) on Raceline beadlock rims.

HCR’s long-travel dual-sport kit adds articulation and armor to the KRX1000, making an epic rock crawler even more sure-footed and durable. The torquey Teryx engine turns the massive 35-inch Roxxzillas with authority.


We got to drive the HCR Racing Teryx KRX at Camp RZR and the SxS Adventure Rally, and the ride quality was impressive. The HCR dual-sport LTS kit smoothed out Sand Highway and allowed higher speeds through the whoops. We hammered into dune faces without having the OEM Fox shocks bottom or worry about bending an arm on the G-outs. The added travel was great for jumping, and the K-Rex flew straight with no-worry landings. The added travel and clearance were also great for rock crawling, and the HCR KRX has added articulation for maintaining traction on slick rock. The HCR dual-sport kit for the KRX looks great, and it greatly adds to the strength of an already-solid UTV. We now have a new favorite off-road limo and Moab mount—the HCR T-Rex K-Rex.

The HCR LTS kit also includes beautiful billet-aluminum radius rods that are adjustable for camber and toe, and the lowers are high-clearance.


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