HCR Racing has been producing long-travel UTV suspension since the Yamaha Rhino, and before that with titanium suspension components for the Traxxas T-Maxx monster truck. HCR’s Elite Duner and Dual-Sport suspension kits have been around for years with Elite proprietary materials, internal ribbing for added strength, TIG-welding and strengthening processes. Now, HCR Sport Line Suspension is a more affordable OEM replacement suspension kit for the Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs and other 72-inch models, and there is also a Sport Line Polaris RZR Turbo S kit in finalization.

HCR Racing introduces its Sport Line OEM replacement suspension kit for the 2017–2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs and all 72-inch models. Stronger high-clearance A-arms are direct replacements for OEM arms for $999.99.



Like the HCR Elite and Dual Sport Suspension kits, the Sport Line OEM replacement suspension kit features high-clearance lower A-arms, boxed upper A-arms, trailing arms and all the necessary hardware for installation. Sport Line components are much stronger than stock A-arms, and the Sport Line trailing arms on the X3 Smart-Shox models require extra brackets for the shock wiring. Also, they require switching to 15-inch wheels, as the OEM 14-inch wheels have clearance issues.

HCR’s Sport Line trailing arms are a huge improvement over the OEM stamped-steel trailing arms for $999.99 a pair. Smart-Shox models require an extra $149.99 for brackets to route the Smart-Shox wiring to their four Fox shocks.



Sport Line components are constructed of 11-gauge steel and Mig-welded instead of TIG. They are then powdercoated black and have HCR badges. The Sport Line kit doesn’t include ball joints, but customers can go for optional Keller ball joints ($599.80 for four) or RCV Ultimate 300M ball joints ($599.80). There are also many other options, like HCR’s bulkhead gusset kit ($449.99), shock tower support ($385), X3 72-inch high-clearance raw aluminum radius rods ($849.99), ZRP Desert Series tie-Rods ($400), RCV Pro II axles ($3,200 for four), King Shocks X3 X rs shock package ($5,799.99) and Walker Evans Racing 2.5 Velocity Series shocks ($3,599.96), and much more.



Any X3 owner who wants stronger high-clearance suspension components at a more affordable price.



Like the more expensive Elite and Dual-Sport kits, the Sport Line is designed to improve ground clearance and approach angles over stock, and the boxed lower and trailing arms are much stronger than stock. We got to check out the HCR X3 Sport Line kit on Moab’s Behind the Rocks, an 8+ rated trail that has folded OEM components, and the added ground clearance was a bonus.


At half the price of HCR’s Elite Duner kit, Sport Line offers the recreational X3 or Turbo S owner a chance to upgrade their suspension with stronger components. Sport Line improves ground clearance and adds strength over the OEM lower A-arms and stamped-steel X3 trailing arms, and the components are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


CONTACT: www.hcrracing.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $1,999.99

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