As awesome as the Honda Talon 1000R performs, it’s turning radius is wider than we’d like, especially the 1000R and X4. Hess Motorsports has developed and extensively tested its Talon Billet Steering Rack to eliminate the wide turning radius and quicken steering. Hess’ pinion rides on two bearings and is embedded with Moly for lubrication and easier steering. It has more throw for increased turning and is fully rebuildable. Features include 27% larger rack gear, 85% larger pinion sub-bearing, 200% increase in bushing contact area, and bushings can be replaced in the car due to modular design. The Talon 1000R/X/X4 rack is $900, and the Live Valve version is $925.

Tighten your Talon’s turning radius with the Hess Billet Steering Rack, and also strengthen its frame mounting area with the 6061 billet-aluminum Rack Support ($100). Call (940) 759-4597 or visit www.hess-motorsports.com.

Hess put a lot of thought and races testing into this rack, and designed it to be very durable and maintenance friendly. It’s machined in-house out of 6061 billet aluminum and has tighter tolerances and more structural support around the rack gear. The Hess rack doesn’t have a spring tensioner but the rack does haver more travel for a tighter turning radius. The housing is also anodized for a lasting finish, and the rack and rack support are designed to work with Hess’ Talon Steering Quickeners (1.5:1 or 2:1) for tighter turning with less steering-wheel movement and effort.

Here’s the rack with the cap removed and with spacers for installation on Talon 1000R models.

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