Hess Racing was the first to win a cross-country championship with the Honda Talon 1000, and they’ve been racing short-course in Talons for more than two years. Hardcore racing, clipping trees and roll-overs show the Talon’s driver’s-side motor mounts to be weak, and the photo shows that the engine cases break at the frame mount. When that happens, the right-side mounts also break. Hess has designed and machined the Talon Engine Motor Mount to provide additional strength with two existing through bolts to prevent the engine-case tabs from breaking. The Hess Talon Engine Motor Mount is CNC’d and anodized aircraft-grade billet aluminum, made in America, and adds durability without adding a lot of weight. Mounting hardware is included, so strengthen your Talon 1000R, X or X4 engine for $125. See www.hess-motosports.com or call (940) 759-4597.

Here’s the Hess Talon Engine Motor Mount on a 1000R that had the stock engine case break from impact forces, and the case was repaired. Talon owners should invest in making sure their case doesn’t break.

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