Dear Sarge,

I have a 2016 Hisun HS500. It has been mostly reliable until recently. We have been cutting some logs for firewood. I cut them and my son pulls them out to the splitter. Occasionally when trying to connect to the log, my son has found it easier to just drive up to it and then pull it out backwards a bit to make it easier to place the log on the Timber Tuff Log Skate that we purchased from Tractor Supply. Now here is the problem, we can tow the log, on the Log Skate but we can’t seem to pull it backwards. The engine seems to have more power pulling forward than backwards! Is this possible?

Denny and Chris Ferguson

Sandy Creek, New York

Private Fungus, Yes it is possible and your Zooter is operating as designed. Your Zooter is equipped with a Reverse Rev Limiter, the source of your HISUN UTV REVERSE PROBLEM. It was added as a supposed safety device so you can’t back up too fast. In your case, you might want to consider disabling this feature as long as you understand the consequences. Locate the ECU connector. Locate the Green wire with the Blue stripe. Cut it. Even a raw recruit should be able to accomplish this task! Your son owes me 50 for not being able to figure out how to maneuver his Zooter to tow the log out in Forward. ‘Cause if you can drive to a log, you can back up to a log! Dismissed!

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