HMF Unveils Exhausts, Bumpers & more for RZR RS1!

— Performance parts for your Polaris RS1 —

HMF Press Release: Once the Polaris RZR® RS1 came out, we wasted no time getting it in the shop to begin enhancing its performance and equipment.  The result? A Dual Full Exhaust system picking up an extra 5-7 horsepower, a Front and Rear Bumper that adds great protection, Radiator Scoops that increase the airflow on the machine and a brand new Brake Pedal that replaces the large blocky stock one.

Dual Full Exhaust System – Blackout In Red
The Polaris RZR® RS1 is available as a Dual Full System in the 4″ Performance and 5″ Titan Series. The Dual Full System picks up 4-5 horsepower at high RPMs and 2lb of torque at the wheels. The Titan-QS exhaust has an exhaust tone that’s quieter than the stock muffler.  The exhaust system also picked up more power when we installed the HMF Quiet Cores.  Additionally, the aluminum shells and stainless head pipe weigh substantially less than stock.

Defender Rear Bumper
The HMF IQ Defender Rear Bumper for the Polaris RZR® RS1 is built from .095″ steel tubing and offers an increased form of protection for the back of your Polaris® RZR® RS1. The steel bumper easily mounts to the frame and will increase the durability and lifespan of the machine.  The color options available will match the manufacturer scheme.

Defender LT Front Bumper
The HMF™ IQ Defender LT: Front Bumper for the Polaris RZR® RS1 is built from .095″ steel tubing and offers an increased form of protection on the RZR® RS1.  LED Lights can be installed on the bumper (See Mounting Options) and the bumper itself adds an incredible look to the front of the machine.

Radiator Scoops
The HMF IQ Equipment Radiator Scoops for the Polaris® RZR® RS1 is designed to draw more air into your radiator, helping to reduce engine temperatures while driving.

Brake Pedal
The HMF IQ Equipment Brake Pedal for the Polaris RZR® RS1 acts as an OEM replacement pedal offering a better height for easier movement from gas to brake, with the ability to left-foot brake with ease.  Built from 6061 Aluminum, the Brake Pedal pad features CNC Machined accents for better grip with a high-grade ceramic coating for a clean, durable look.

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